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Allows you to mark or unmark an item in your inventory as a quest object with the press of a hotkey.

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== Mark/Unmark As Quest Item ==
by ZuTheSkunk

There's plenty of mods out there that allow you to remove the quest object status from items, either permanently or temporarily, but as far as I know, there aren't any that allow you to select individual items in your inventory and then toggle back and forth between the quest and non-quest object status on them with the press of a hotkey.

Once the mod is installed, you can simply aim your cursor at an item in your inventory, press K (can be configured in the mod's INI file), and then confirm changing the item's quest object status. In the case of items that don't normally have ground models, the mod will assign arbitrary ones to them.

There's plenty of benefits to marking an item as a quest object, since it becomes weightless, cannot be accidentally sold during barter, and in the case of weapons, cannot be knocked out of your hands. And of course, if the game forgets to unmark an item as a quest object after its related quest is over, then with this mod installed, you have an easy way to fix that at any given moment.

Requires Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE).

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