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ImpeREAL Empire Unique Cities - Sutch:
This mod re-adds the Cyrodiilic City of Sutch to TES: Oblivion, which was already present in the earlier versions of Oblivion, but, for some reason, Bethesda removed it from the game prior to its release. The mod's main goal is to be 100% Compatible with almost all of the 5.000 mods & overhauls rele

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Welcome to the ImpeREAL Empire Unique Cities - Sutch mod which adds a new city to your game!


Did you know that... in early development of TES IV: Oblivion, Cyrodiil originally had ten (10) cities, instead of nine (9)!

Question: Where is the 10th Cyrodiilic City?
Answer: Its gone. Bethesda removed it from the game.

Question: What was the name of that City and its County?
Answer: City of Sutch, in County Sutch, Colovia.

Question: Chorrol's symbol is the Great Oak. Leyawiin's symbol is the White Stallion. What was the symbol of Sutch?
Answer: Well, actually none knows. Sutch was removed from the game before it gets released. But I have seen other Sutch Mods choosing the Owl as symbol for the city. I respect the idea and do the same. The Sutch Watch Guards have the Owl in their armor and shields.

Question: Every major city in Cyrodiil has a great city chapel devoded to one of the Nine Divines. The City Chapel of Sutch, to which of the Nine Divines is devoted to?
Answer: To the only Divine who happened to have no City Chapel devoted to her in Cyrodiil: Kynareth.

#Chapel of Akatosh — Kvatch
#Chapel of Dibella — Anvil
#Chapel of Stendarr — Chorrol
#Chapel of Arkay — Cheydinhal
#Chapel of Julianos — Skingrad
#Chapel of Mara — Bravil
#Chapel of Talos — Bruma
#Chapel of Zenithar — Leyawiin
NEW! #Chapel of Kynareth — Sutch

Sutch was a city added by Bethesda in early TES IV development, but for some reason, they scrapped it off the game.
Sutch and the County Sutch as seen in the early development of TES IV: Oblivion, before Bethesda scraps it off.


AUTHOR'S PERSONAL NOTE: ** By downloading this mod you are obliged to read the readme ** DO NOT ASK FOR SUPPORT IF YOU DON'T READ THE README FIRST!

The mod is under constant improvements. All the exteriors are complete, and have been fully playtested for over a whole year.

While there are some similar but nice mods that have already done what my mod does, (restore Sutch in the game), I still preferred to create my own Sutch mod which fulfills my personal preferences and standards. So:

- My mod has very small file size.
- My mod is easy to install and uninstall.
- My mod is fully compatible with the Unique Landscapes.
- My mod places Sutch City near the ruined Fort Sutch!
- My mod at same time, does not dramatically alters the surrounding landscape of Fort Sutch's exterior!
- My mod's Sutch is not an Open City. Sutch is given its own worldspace which allows you to fast travel from/to, like as with Chorrol, Skingrad, etc.
- My mod has no bugs, or glitches at all.
- My mod has been extensively playtested with over 5.000+ mods for the TES Oblivion for over 1 year. On 2 different PCs.
- My mod offers support for all the World Map mods, and I, the Author of the mod, can make a plugin to your favorite recolored World Map mod to show the City of Sutch on it!

My priority is to see all of you the players happy with their Oblivion game's city of Sutch.
If you are happy with this mod, then I am happy too! And this is enough for me!
I am just trying my best so to provide you with a mod that is compatible with almost ALL the mods for the The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and its expansions; and I mean really compatible with over 5.000 mods for the whole TES:Oblivion, and at same time I am trying to offer you a mod that gives a living breath to the barren Colovian plains, by adding the removed-by-Bethesda city of Sutch that existed in the Beta version of TES:Oblivion but, sadly, for unknown reasons, it has been removed from the game prior to it's release.

Love ya! :-)


As the name says, this mod tries to make the game more complete and more lore-friendly, by adding what Bethesda removed from it: the 10th city of Cyrodiil, Sutch. And it gives the city of Sutch a colovian architecture, allowing it to fit well in the Colovia region of Cyrodiil.

The City of Sutch may not be as big as Leyawiin or Chorrol, but, as you see, this mod's creation has been requested by most players so to improve the game's historical accuracy in the Elder Scrolls lore.


COMPATIBILITY: Compatibility is a beautiful English word!
I have developed this mod with the major goal of "FULL COMPATIBILITY WITH ALL THE OTHER MODS" in my priorities, so, any modifications I have done to the region of Sutch, is carefully done, and I avoided modifying specific places of the area where other mods are modifying.


No requirements so far so to play this mod. Enjoy!


Just place the .esp file and the Textures/Meshes folders to OblivionData directory and enable it! Simple.

If you want to uninstall it, just delete the .esp file and the 2 "ImpeREALSutch" folders from:
Bethesda SoftworksOblivionDataMeshesImpeREALSutch
Bethesda SoftworksOblivionDataTexturesImpeREALSutch


After 1 whole year of play-testing this mod, before I release it to the public, I am proud to tell you that this mod is really compatible with most of the mods for TES: Oblivion! Is safe to say that its compatible with the 99.8% of the whole Oblivion community's 5.000+ mods, because of its limited nature.

-100% compatible with any game versions
-100% compatible with Shivering Isles Expansion Pack
-100% compatible with all Official Patches by Bethesda
-100% compatible with all Unofficial Patches
-100% compatible with all the Official DLCs (Vile Lair, etc) & Knights of the Nine
-100% compatible with ALL of the 2.703 Mods I have installed and tested with, in my computer and my friend's computer.
-100% compatible with any city mods such as Better Cities, Open Cities, etc.
-100% compatible with any village mods such as Shezrie's Villages, Dragon Caption's Villages, etc.
-100% compatible with any Shop mods that add new shops to the cities.
-100% compatible with any overhaul mods like Francescos's mod, Martigen's Monster Mod (MMM), Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul (OOO) and more!
-100% compatible with the Unique Landscapes.
-100% compatible with any magic mods such as Midas Magic, etc
-100% compatible with any combat mods such as Deadly Reflex, etc
-100% compatible with any Guild mods, such as Necromancer's Guild, Archeology Guild, etc.
-100% compatible with any Main Quest mods.
-100% compatible with the Kvatch Rebuilt.
-100% compatible with any ship/naval mods.
-100% compatible with any NPC mods that add new NPCs to the cities.
-100% compatible with all Player House mods.
-100% compatible with The Elder Council mod & plugins.
-100% compatible also with any Window Lighting mods that add lights to the windows. They work fine!
-100% compatible with any gear / item / weapon mods.
-100% compatible with any races mods.
-100% compatible with any class mods.
-100% compatible with any quest mods.
-100% compatible with any re-texturing mod such as Qarl's Texture Packs, Darker Regal Imperial City, etc!
-100% compatible with any guard mods such as Diverse Imperial Guard Armor, etc.
-100% compatible with any music / sound mods.
-100% compatible with any dialog mods that adds new dialogs to the Imperial City like 300_Lore mod.
-100% compatible with any weather / water mods!


The mod has been play-tested extensively, and so many times. I actually lost count of how many times I clicked the game's shortcut to run again and again my game to test my mod with any other mods or plugins. Purely tiresome. But worth.
To note, my mod may be compatible with other Sutch mods, although I haven't tested their compatibility, for obvious reasons.


No performance hits. If you can have Chorrol in your game, or Anvil, then why you can't have Sutch as well, which is even SMALLER than those other cities of Cyrodiil?


Do not worry! Your saves are SAFE!
Your game will not be affected at all!!!


Just replace the old files of the mod in /Data folder with the new ones! Simple!


For those who care with Load Order priorities of their mods, I should tell you its not necessary where in the Loading order list to put the ImpeREAL Empire Unique Cities - Sutch mod. It causes no issues to your game at all. I even loaded it before and after Unique Landscapes, and there are no conflicts at all. :)


The mod's development cycle has concluded.


This mod has no bugs at all. But if you find any, just report to me and I will fix it asap! I ensure you that this mod has no conflicts or bugs at all, covering my personal high standards for being a good mod.


Adds the -removed by Bethesda during the early development of Oblivion- Cyrodiilic city of Sutch. Sutch can be found west of Kvatch and north of Anvil.
The city features 7 houses, a Cathedral, a great castle and the Sutch Watch has its own unique uniforms with an Owl carved on them. The Owl is County Sutch's symbol, much like the Great Oak is for Chorrol. The Owl is actually an idea of the other sutch mods, and as I love Sutch too, I support this idea and decided to accept that chosen symbol for my mod as well, although I use in my mod a different Owl.


If you like the mod, then rate it so the other players to know about this.


I have retired from modding, and therefore, I am no longer taking any mod requests. Thank you for your understanding.


-Thanks Bethesda for creating the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.
-Thanks to all the gamers and the whole Elder Scrolls modding community for keeping modding alive!
-Thanks to my friend Vorians, all the friends and beta-testers for their excellent help, for their beta-testings and for the compatibility notifications.


You are allowed to use my mod freely, including any of its elements/changes. Please do not mail me for permissions because you
don't need my permission. Feel free to use my mods however you like, as long as you give credit for my work.

It has been a long time since I left Oblivion modding and, frankly, I grew tired responding to all these mails asking for permissions to use my mod in other mods. Do as you please! Just don't forget to give a credit where due.

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