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A collection of BallistX patches for about 60 various mods that contain guns. Comes with custom weapon data and caliber change to their respective caliber in cases where needed (e. g. MG42 — 7.92x57mm, Springfield M1903 — .30-06 Springfield, etc.). All patches merged into one main file and will work when the corresponding mod is detected.

Permissions and credits
Due to the huge number of patches, I don't have the opportunity to test them all, so please report any issues to me if you find them, especially in Custom Weapon Data.

BallistX and its requirements

Before installation you need to do:
1. If you use CFWR, set all values under [Caliber Choices] in "CFWR Config.ini" to 0. 
2. If you use Dead Money Tweaks, set "bPoliceCarbine32instead" to 0 in "DMT Config.ini".
3. If you use Another Millenia, in "Another Millenia Config.ini" set "bDisableAmmoSwaps" to 1 under [Another Millenia Settings]

Changes to vanilla and TTW weapons
Some vanilla weapons have had their caliber changed to their actual caliber. 

List of caliber changes for vanilla weapons:
  • Automatic Rifle (M1918 BAR): .308 Winchester --> .30-06 Springfield
  • Battle Rifle and its unique (M1 Garand): .308 Winchester --> .30-06 Springfield
  • Survivalist's Rifle (.50 Beowulf AR-15): .50 AE --> .50 Beowulf
  • (TTW) Lever-Action Rifle and its uniques (Henry repeating rifle): 10mm Auto --> .44 Henry

Also, during installation, you will be offered options to change the caliber for some weapons.
List of suggested options to change caliber:
  • Assault Carbine (CAR-15): 5mm ETC --> 5.56x45mm
  • Varmint Rifle (first option): 5.56x45mm --> .30 Carbine
  • Varmint Rifle (second option): 5.56x45mm --> .22 LR
  • (TTW) Chinese Assault Rifle: 5.56x45mm --> 5.8x42mm
  • (TTW) .32 Rifle: .32 NAA --> 5.56x45mm
  • Vance's SMG (Unique of M3 Grease Gun): 9x19mm --> .45 ACP
  • Bozar: 5.56x45mm --> .308 Winchester
  • (TTW) Combat Shotgun: 12 ga --> 20 ga

List of supported mods
Another Millenia (v. 2.4.7)
Another Millenia Gun-Addon (v. 1.8)
Classic Fallout Weapons Remastered
SiouX Weapons Reloaded
Heffy's AKs and AR15s - Remade
Wasteland AR Pack
M1903 Springfield
Heckler und Koch - MP5 Complex Scaled Down and TTW patch
Heckler und Koch - UMP Scaled Down KNVSE and TTW patch
Heckler und Koch - MP5K
Dead Money Tweaks
VIP - Shotguns
VIP - Military and Advanced Automatic Rifles
MP5 Complex Integrated
Project Nevada Legacy - 5mm SMG
Zealotlee's SVD Remastered
Zealotlee's FN FiveseveN Pistol
Zealotlee's MP5s Remastered
Wicked Pistols Pack
EFNV - RD704
NVRA - Uzi
NVRA - Walther MPK
AA12 - Project Sledgehammer
Classic AK-112 - The Adytum Rifle
Browning M2067 PIMG
Barrett M82A1
The AAC Honey Badger
Hit - RPD
Hit - Kriss Vector
Sturmgewehr 44 (STG 44)
Sturmgewehr 44 and Sturmgewehr 45M Merged and TTW patch
Browning 1885 High-Wall
AWO - Lee Enfield
AWO - Tommy Gun
AWO - BAR and FND (optional automatic rifle replacer)
AWO - Winchester M1895
AWO - MG42
MW2RWP F2000
Remington ACR
Tactics M16
MWRWP CQ300 Lynx
DC Arsenal - TTW Mojave Weapon Distribution - Lore Friendly
Malorian Arms 3516
BH Kar98k
AKM - Assault Rifle
Forgotten Weapons Pack (can be found in Another Millenia Discord server)
Webley Revolver (uses .44 Henry)
Schofield Revolver (uses .45 Colt)
Beowulf Rifle
M60E3 Redux FNV
Marlin Thumper

Coming soon:
ZL Armaments Remastered
123456 Mega Pack (can be found in Another Millenia Discord server)
AGE - Anchorage Gameplay Expansion - Complete Overhaul
NVRA - M1 Carbine
NVRA - Walther PPK
NVRA - VSS and Val

Feel free to request me for patches.
Patches were made using this guide.

Ravuth - for the BallistX