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Adds the M1903A3 Springfield rifle to the game. Complete with leveled list integration and custom sounds.

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This mod adds the M1903A3 Springfield rifle to the game. I decided to give the rifle a ten-round magazine due to NV's terribad animations. 
The gun has been integrated into leveled lists so you can find them for sale from merchants and on NPCs throughout the wasteland. It may take a few in-game days for the weapons to appear.

It has it's own custom firing sound as well.

There is a testing copy leaning against Doc Mitchell's fireplace.

Please let me know if you have any problems and I'll try to get a fix out or help you out.

Note: since the vanilla AMR animations don't work with iron sights, I've included Hitman's first person weapon animations for two handed rifles. You can check out more of his work at Animation Resources.

Animations Update: FalloutBones1 has recently created new custom kNVSE animations which I think are a lot better now. You can find his new animations here. They are also now listed in the requirements section. Again, these are optional but I recommend these new anims over the old ones packaged in my mod. Install my mod first, then FalloutBones1's new animations and overwrite any files it asks for.

---- CREDITS ----
Trentosaurus: model, textures, sound fx, and esp plugin
Hitman47101 & Fallout2AM: 1st Person Weapon Animations replacers
FalloutBones1: New custom animations made possible with kNVSE