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This mods adds an American ArmaLite 10 with hiqh quality textures and 3d model. (1x 2048x4096px tex)

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This mod Adds the future of small-arms: the AR-10 automatic rifle!
Featuring an highly detailed model and set of textures and an unique pip-boy icon!
It is a standalone weapon with three weapon mods :

20 rd magazine
Repaired handguard
Long barrel

It is added to levelists (vendors and enemies via script)
And one is somewhere around Doc Mitchells house for testing. (along with its weapon mods)

There may or may not exist a unique version, with a dazzling camoflauge and unique stats, High up, in the midst of abominations! (deathclaws)

Exact specs are as follows:

Textures 2048x4096px Normal/glossthingy, Diffuse, and specular. (a middleground between 2k and 4k)
(3rd person (when dropped on the ground) textures are 512x1024px in both cases)

The model is 13700 tris.
(Don't worry it runs fine, most likely)

Requirements and Compatibility

Only the base game is required.
since it is added to leveled list trough a script, it shouldn't interfere with other mods.


Just drag and drop the files into the game directory and enable the .esp,
Alternatively, use NMM (Nexus mod manager.)  VORTEX Mod Manager which should work just fine.


I'd like to credit the people whom correctly identified this rifle in pm's or the comments realting to this image:

Nadie2283 (Who got the exact model right, The portuguese variant of the AR-10)


Please report any oddities, bugs or wierd stuff :v (really though please do)

For anyone with the interest: an camouflage-mask texture is included in the misc section to download.
You can use it (in combination with an masking capable image editing software, such as gimp or photoshop)
to apply an worn camouflage to the diffuse (By masking with the mask, yeah.)

I would also HIGHLY recommend this tidbit from Millenia: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/images/84009
for anyone with some technical knowhow and taste for good shading. (not frikn broken shading)