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Ballistics Factory aims to make bullets feel more realistic. It adds ballistics data (namely bullet drop, drag and wind deflection) and even adds damage drop to projectiles.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds external ballistics to the game based on real world ballistics. This means that the projectile will bleed of speed over time due to drag, gets deflected by wind and pulled down by gravity. Since every calculation in the script will be linked with the flown distance of the projectile and not time or framerate, you can expect consistent results. The script in the mod is very lightweight and you shouldn't expect any noticeable frame drops unless you're in a fight with several dozen actors using automatic weaponry or shotguns. That means that this mod should run on every machine that can run FNV smooth.

I personally love the Sniper Elite Series which served as an inspiration for me to dig down into ballistics. Authentic mode is incredibly tense because you have virtually no game assists or even saves to help you out. But what bothers me about authentic difficulty in this game are the exaggerated ballistics: Bullets are literally dropping harder than late soviet economy with wind blowing stronger than on Uranus to a point where completely turning off ballistics is the more realistic option.

This mod is far more realistic in interpreting ballistics than most games with similar mechanics but unfortunately due to ingame limitations I couldn't make this mod 100% accurate to the real world (more like 60-70%), sadly. But it's very accurate at relatively short ranges (up to 200m for pistol cartridges and up to 500m for rifle cartridges) which frankly is beyond the render distance anyways unless you mess with uGridsToLoad. I have included a spreadsheet where you can objectively compare real bullets with ingame bullets. If you're looking for a game with a more accurate depiction of ballistics, Arma3 with the ACE3 mod is the game you're looking for.

Drop the two esp and the config folder into the data folder and activate the mod using a Mod Manager or the launcher. Make sure that BallisticsFactory_Main.esp is located as high as possible when activating.
You can put the spreadsheet wherever you like or delete it. It's just a tool to understand what this mod does.

What this mod does for you
The mod is calibrated for Standard Atmosphere Conditions (ICAO) with a wind speed of 20m/s max. Those conditions except wind speed won't change ingame as of now.

The velocity will decrease over distance using a linear formula. This is achieved by adjusting the SpeedMultiplier of the projectile gradually over distance. A SpeedMultiplier of 0.5 means that a projectile with 800m/s muzzle velocity will now have a velocity of 400m/s. The muzzle velocity won't change so you don't have to worry about SpeedMultipliers adding up.

The damage is calculated in a similiar way to the the velocity as it is linked with the SpeedMultiplier but it won't be quite as linear. A SpeedMuliplier of 0.5 means that a projectile with 50 base damage will now have a damage of 27.5. The minimum base damage will be capped at 40%. The base damage of each projectile will not be determined by the weapon anymore but by the projectile itself. The only damage a weapon can add to the damage calculation is something like CritDmg. Every other damage modifier and armor modifier will work as usual. I have taken some time to balance each cartridge individually. It's best used with a 3x damage modifier on both ends but it works on any other difficulty settings as well.

Wind deflection and bullet drop are achieved by constantly changing the angle of the projectile over distance to make an arc. I won't go into details here as the calculations are a little bit tricky, so much so I've made a spreadsheet for it. One note I might add is that initially this mod used the ingame gravity for bullet drop. This is to some degree more accurate than my current model when adjusted to the right values, especially at longer ranges. Unfortunately any projectile with an altered SpeedMultiplier and a gravity value greater than 0 will break the arc if shot from an inclination.

How it's calculated in the mod
v=Velocity, v0=Muzzle Velocity

dmg=Damage, dmg0=Base Damage

Wind Deflection
degZ=Z Angle, degZ0=Z Angle Origin
WindSpeed={between 0.0 and 1.0}
Further calculations will be provided in the spreadsheet.

Bullet Drop
degX=X Angle, degX0=X Angle Origin
Further calculations will be provided in the spreadsheet.
All Coeffcients are provided in the ini file.

Known issues
As mentioned in the beginning, this mod might be demanding for older hardware but considering that it runs on my dual-core with integrated graphics, it should run decent on yours too. As long as you don't spawn dozens of NPCs you should be fine. For about every 50 to 70 projectiles mid-air, my framerate gets halved.

Bugs and Glitches
Sometimes when you're really close to an NPC you want to shoot, you just shoot through. This is very rare as in countless hours of performance testing it just happened a handful of times to me.

Projectiles won't visually incline with the trajectory and will always point towards x=0°. No big deal, it just looks super ugly in slow motion but are unnoticeable during normal gameplay.

Depending on which weapon you use, shooting while aiming down sights might disable the range setting of a projectile which means that they would fly much further. To prevent lag, the mod deletes every bullet that falls below the SpeedMultiplier limit of 0.1.

The camera transition in VATS is really fast now and the base damage of the weapon is applied in VATS instead of the base damage depicted in the ini file.

The mod conflicts with every mod that touches vanilla ammo and projectiles. You don't have to use BallisticsFactory_Library.esp but you will loose all the benefits of carefully crafted data and you would have to manually edit or add projectiles all by yourself in order to make them cooperate with this mod. Expanding the library or using a seperate mod that adds ammo or projectiles isn't a problem at all, quite the contrary: It's what Ballistics Factory is made for.