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Major bugfix and overhaul mod for The Someguy Series

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The Someguy Series - Revamped

This is The Someguy Series Revamped. A project of passion made by myself for personal use, that I thought others might appreciate, so I decided to upload it here!

The Someguy Series Revamped is a large-scale bugfix and overhaul mod for The Someguy Series and many of it's core mods. A full list of all changes is detailed below!


This mod requires:
The Someguy Series
New Vegas Bounties
New Vegas Bounties II
New Vegas Bounties III
The Better Angels
The Inheritance
King of The Ring

I didn't want to do sepearate .esps for each file as that really would get confusing and clutter load orders, as a result you will need all the above mods (They're all great, don't worry!)

All Custom Perk Icons featured in this mod use resources from Consistent Pip-Boy Icons. While this mod is not a requirement, I highly highly recommend it as it will make all your icons appear just as HD as the ones in this mod.


New Vegas Bounties
-Immersive Starts for NVB I & NVB III (NVB II already has one!)
-To begin NVBI, collect the recruitment module as normal, you simply won't get the quest until you collect the module
-NVBIII will begin as soon as NVBII has concluded
-Some minor face tweaks to Steven Randall to prevent his face clipping through his mask
-Steven Randall's Grave will contain a copy of his mask you can take and use, including a new icon made for this mod
-Fixes bug where Cooper would be stuck permanently un-hirable if you didn't hire him before Randall's death. Upon Randall's death he will be hireable even if you never unlocked him beforehand.
-Cooper and Ford now have their own JIP CCC Avatars
-The Strip Securitrons will no longer shoot at Cooper
-Adds capitalisation to some quest names missing capitals
-All quest delays set at 0 to prevent lag and waiting
-Ribben's granddaughter can no longer speak, as she is meant to be mute
-Changes Ribben's name to Arthur Ribben once you discover his identity
-Adds combat dialogue to the version of Ford you fight at the end of NVBIII
-Ford will be using any equipment you gave him during the Town Betrayal scene and it can then be looted when you kill him
-Some dialogue fixes for Ford & Cooper
-Frosthill Saloon now has a back door rather than an empty hole
-Cooper and Ford's perks now have unique icons made by me
-There is now ambient music in the worldspaces added by NBII & NVBIII
-Fixes bug where some NVBII targets would not properly proceed to Boulder City Jail once collared
-Accepting Rzeznik's offer in NVBII will force you out of his compound
-NVBIII skips endings for characters you never met, and always skips Esther's ending, as it is unvoiced
-Slave Collars now have icons
-Fixes bug where Joseph Friday's Badge would display incorrectly
-Fixes the textureless notes in Short Stick Saloon
-The Scarred & Avenged perks now have unique icons
-The Scarred Perk now increases damage for Energy weapons and big guns
-Minor fixes to Guts the dog, who now has his own perk!
-Accepting Rzeznik's offer using the Barter check now works correctly
-Removes spurious space after Rzeznik's name
-Fixes message spam upon the death of Aaron Flagg
-Many, many improvements to Doc Friday. Doc now has his own perk, Bloodshot, which will heal the player 5% every time they make a kill. Doc now has more dialogue, the navigation of his existing dialogue is much better, he will no longer automatically follow you now, you must retrieve his brother's badge from Johnny Rounder in order to gain his loyalty. Still no voice, though... yet.

-Can dismiss Russell to the Lucky 38
-Fixes bug where you wouldn't lose Russell's perk upon his death
-Fixes some bugs with Russell's Dialogue
-Fixes Russell's gun not using Companion ammo
-You will now receive XP for completing Russell's quest
-The Canyon Doctor will no longer be in Underworld if you have TTW installed
-Ambient Worldspace Music
-Bounty Hunter Ragdoll Fix
-You will not see endings for characters you never met
-Russell's perk has been modified and given a new icon
-Russell's armored jumpsuit has been given it's own icon, and both it and the Desert Ranger Combat Armor are removable
-The Legion battle should now work correctly
-Fixes issue where you could not correctly conversate with Titus if your Courier is female
-Added TTW Russell Fix as a seperate file - this file SHOULD fix the issue of being unable to engage in dialogue with certain characters in DC caused by Russell. Not tested *fully* but the testing I have done has found no issues so far.

The Inheritance

-Save Bradley! With Medicine 85, 1 Buffout, 1 Jet & 1 Med-X you can fake Bradley's death and meet him again in the Atomic Wrangler once the Syndicate have been defeated
-Immersive Start - The quest will not begin until you have discovered Novac
-Fixes issues where the quest would not proceed in 2 seperate places
-Fixes Tony Chase's Quest Marker
-Can't travel to Gommorah 3rd Floor until you have to go there for this quest
-XP for completing side quests added by this mod
-Objective "Defeat the legendary rat" changed to "Defeat the rat onslaught"
-Minor fixes to Bradley's dialogue
-Bradley can now be dismissed to the Lucky 38
-Bradley now has his own companion perk, Last Stand, with it's own unique icon
-The Gold Bars now use the Gold Bar Icon

The Better Angels

-Immersive Start - The Courier will not contact you until NVBIII has been completed
-Fixes duplicated word in the Introduction
-Gain XP for completing quests added by the mod
-Dialogue options "I destroyed the Cazadors" becomes "I killed all the Cazadores", replaces other instances of "Cazadors" with "Cazadores"
-Fixes minor grammatical error in Medical Bot's repair message (hp becomes HP)
-Cocker & Cutty don't greet you as if they know you if you never met them.
-Disables whichever robot you choose not to activate
-Cocker's haircut dialogue is now voiced
-Minor dialogue fixes
-Repairing the Gas Valve in the Ghost's Hideaway removes the Gas.
-Fixes issues where certain endings would freeze the game

King of The Ring

-Immersive Start - There is no longer a level limit to start King of the Ring, but nor will there be a quest marker. Just head over to Dempsey's Gym whenever you want to play
-Adds some voice lines to Tunney
-Fixes championship fights not ending if you are called Rimjob
-Champ perk now has a more accurate description, a new icon, and has been dramatically buffed
-All opponents are now immune to Ranger Takedown
-Changed icon of Boxer Outfit to the Boxing Gloves icon
-The correct Breeze's Body models are now found in a folder called "Breeze's" in the KOTR Armor files. Just drag and replace
-Followers can no longer be told to wait in the gym, allowing them to fire at your opponents (you cheater)

Reccomended/Alternative Mods

Below is a list of other great Someguy Series mods, the first set are alternatives - ones whose features are also covered by this mod, you may wish to install them INSTEAD OF this mod. The second set are reccomended, their features are not included in this mod.

Someguy Series Worldspace Ambient Noise - https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62567
Someguy Series Tweaks n' Fixes* https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/63357
New Vegas Bounties I - Immersive Start - https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/63825

New Vegas Bounties II Fixes - https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/47984
Someguy Series Tweaks n' Fixes* https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/63357
Female Drifter Armor for New Vegas Bounties III and other Tweaks and Replacements: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/70457
Freeside Open Compatibility Patches:
NVB I - https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/55343
NVB II - https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/55365
NVB III - https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/60792
Russell - https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/58136

* - Some features of Someguy Series Tweaks n' Fixes are covered by this mod, some are not 

Thank you very much for downloading, I sincerely hope you enjoy :)
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