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TTW Compatilbility Patch for vivanto's Melee Hotkey mod.

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This mod requires Vivanto's Melee Hotkey Mod
Which also requires NVSE
It always amazed me that nobody (as far as I know) had made a compatibility patch between Melee Hotkey and TTW, so I decided to do it. 
I love the Melee Hotkey mod so much, but it always annoyed me that so many weapons in the DC wasteland didn't register it, so I took it upon myself to go through every FO3 weapon (and the Tribal Pack Broad Machete) and allow the Melee Hotkey to register them, also includes 2 new Melee Hotkey Icons for the Auto Axe and Repellent Stick.

That's about it really, do let me know if I've missed any weapons :)

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