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An updated and refined selection of bugfixes (mostly) requiring NVSE.

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Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus
All Official DLC (except Courier's Stash)

JohnnyGuitar NVSE Plugin



This is a collection of bugfixes (mostly) requiring NVSE, and is intended to be used alongside the Yukichigai Unofficial Patch.

This bugfix collection combines and updates fixes from Unofficial Patch NVSE and Unofficial Patch Plus, and is maintained by a team consisting of:

This supersedes both Unoffical Patch NVSE and Unofficial Patch Plus. If a mod description recommends that you use either of those mods, you should now use this instead.

This mod was compiled (from scratch) by PushTheWinButton and polished/updated by miguick and TrueVoidwalker. The removals, inclusions, and optionals have been discussed and agreed on by the team, to ensure there are no overreaches or omissions.

What's Included

Equivalents of the following mods are included. In almost all cases, the fix has been entirely remade using modern methods.

  • Deathclaw Pro Hunter Challenge Fix by Asterra: Makes all Deathclaws, across all DLCs, count towards the Deathclaw Pro Hunter challenge from Gun Runners' Arsenal.
  • Euclid C-Finder NVSE Upgrade by Nekhanimal and miguick (bug-fixes only, optional increased damage): Attributes all damage dealt by the ARCHIMEDES II orbital strike to the player for the purposes of XP rewards (in vanilla, the damage has no source, so the player doesn't get credit for any kills it makes). Optionally, the damage of the strike can be increased from 150 to 1500, as this is commonly seen as a typo.
  • Explorer Perk Extended by Alasyre: New locations added by mods after taking the perk will also be revealed on your map.
  • Explosives Immunity Fix by deathblz (optional): A fix for a bug in the vanilla game that would cause some creatures to be immune to explosions due to a misused function in a spawning script. This fix is not required if you have always used YUP, as YUP removes the function call. However, YUP cannot retroactively fix this bug, whereas UPNVSEP can.
  • Ferocious Loyalty NVSE Upgrade by miguick: Fixes a bug that can cause creatures to receive double the intended DR bonus, and allows the perk effect to work for all DLC and mod-added companions (in vanilla, it only works for vanilla companions).
  • Ghouls Glowing Spell Fix by CivisRomanus: Prevents the Glowing One and Reaver effects becoming stuck after the ghoul dies.
  • Ghoul Rad Tweaks by miguick (bug-fixes only): Fixes a vanilla effect that was intended to heal ghouls when they are exposed to radiation.
  • Knockback Fixes by miguick: Fixes various bugs relating to knockdown effects, most notably that in vanilla the effects can trigger without an attack actually connecting.
  • Light Armor Perks Lutana Upgrade by miguick: Simplifies the conditions on light armor perks by using JIP LN NVSE functions to detect light armor by type, rather than referring to a list of predefined armors as in the vanilla game. This also means DLC and mod-added armors are affected by these perks.
  • Old World Blues Perk Sanity by miguick: Uses script handlers to reimplement the effects of several perks from Old World Blues, rather than using the intensive vanilla chunks of code that run at a high frequency.
  • OWB Toaster and Jukebox Weapon Condition Fix by hexef: The durability of Sonic Emitters and Saturnite Fists will be preserved when exchanged at the Jukebox and Toaster in the Sink.
  • Reload Animation Fix - Lever-Pump-Single Action Guns by HeroinZero: Fixes a bug that would cause animations to become stuck when reloading some weapons whilst moving. This version of the fix has been rewritten to use handlers and also works for controllers. It will not be enabled if you have the kNVSE Animation Plugin installed.
  • Sneering Imperialist Expanded by miguick: Changes the perk conditions to detect raider types by their faction, rather than their race. The 'raider' races were also used for other unkempt-looking NPCs, which means they too would be affected by the perk in the vanilla game.
  • Two-Step Goodbye NVSE Upgrade by miguick: Attributes the damage caused by the Two-Step Goodbye critical effect to the player for the purposes of XP, and also makes the damage count towards Explosives challenges. The fix included here works differently to miguick's original, but the result is similar.
  • Weapon Repair Kit Repaired by RoyBatterian and LuthienAnarion: Makes Weapon Repair Kits work properly for weapons with mods that increase their durability, and also increments the "Items Repaired" misc stat. In addition, this version of the fix plays a repairing sound effect and will prevent you from using a repair kit if you have no weapon equipped or your weapon is at full health already.

In addition, the following original fixes are included.

  • Stimpak Taken Stat Fix: Super Stimpaks, Auto-Inject Stimpaks, and Auto-Inject Super Stimpaks now increment this stat. Expired and Homemade Stimpaks from JSawyer Ultimate are also affected.
  • DT Multiplication Perk Fix: The effects of Brainless, Big Brained, and Marked are now properly fixed, so your DT will be multiplied by a given amount as intended. This overrides YUP's workaround fix.
  • Companion Suite (optional): Restored the Companion Suite perk for companions as originally intended. This perk adds some buffs and debuffs to things such as companion damage, carry weight, and damage resistance. A scripting error meant that this was non-functional in the vanilla game.
  • Gun Runners' Arsenal Merchant Stock Fix: Implements a workaround to prevent a vanilla bug where a merchant's GRA stock would respawn every time their cell was reentered (e.g. Chet's GRA stock could be reset by exiting and entering his General Store). (Non-NVSE)
  • Pyromaniac Damage Fix (optional): Burning damage from weapons and incendiary ammo types will receive +50% damage if you have the Pyromaniac perk, as is inferred by the perk's description.
  • Knockdown Exploit Fix: Fixes a bug which lets you immediately cancel a knockdown by swapping ammo types.
  • Melee Weapons Damage Destructibles: Allows melee weapons to damage destructibles. Courtesy of RoyBatty and Xilandro.
  • Super-Heated Cosmic Knife Critical Upgrade: The extra burn damage caused by the critical effect of the Super-Heated Cosmic Knife will now be attributed to the player (or any other attacker).
  • Food Health Buff Fix (optional): Forces health fortification effects on food items (like those from the Them's Good Eatin' items) to display separately to the health restoration effects to prevent display bugs. The vanilla behaviour causes the two to mix together and provide incorrect values.
  • Y-3 Implant Enhanced (optional): Improved the functionality of the Y-3 Implant perk, so that radiation is actually removed from drinks, rather than being counteracted retroactively by a script. Automatically supports any drinks placed in the relevant vanilla formlists, without the need for any patches.
  • Ammo Script Fixes Lite: Reimplementation of ammo scripts using event handlers to decrease the performance impact. See Ammo Script Fixes for more.

The fixes below have been removed as they are now included in Yukichigai Unofficial Patch version 12.1 onwards.

  • DLC XP Fix: Corrects some quest counts and act multipliers used in script calculations so that all DLCs provide the full XP that was originally intended. (Non-NVSE)
  • Max Condition Value Fix: A very minor edit so that max condition items will reach their full intended value, rather than being a few caps short. This wasn't the case in the vanilla game due to a limitation in the GECK. (Non-NVSE)
  • Rushing Water Challenge Fix: Adds Rushing Water to the list of items used for the "...And Not a drop to Drink" challange. (Non-NVSE)
  • Formlist Updates: adds some items that were clearly missing from Old World Blues perk lists (healing items, chems, and food) and animation lists that have not been updated since Fallout 3 (Nuka Cola drinks, alcoholic drinks). These have not yet been included in YUP. (Non-NVSE)
  • The Professional Perk Upgrade: Added some extra conditions to The Professional perk so that it can capture mod-added weapons that have not been correctly added to the appropriate weapon list for the perk. (Non-NVSE)


The following mods include additional fixes and are highly recommended. Please read their descriptions for more information.


This mod requires:

Load high up in your load order, after YUP.


This mod can be safety uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game. Just delete the file and you're good to go.


This mod comes bundled with an INI that allows a small number of features to be toggled on and off. Full details are provided in the file. If you delete the INI, it will be regenerated with the default options (probably in your overwrite folder, if your mod manager has one).


The following authors' work was used as inspiration for many of the fixes included in UPNVSEP, so all the relevant credit goes to them.

And, of course: