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Returns the junk items you would logically get from ingesting things like cans of food and lunchbox meals.

Permissions and credits
  • Polish

  • You will receive junk that would logically remain when consuming certain items:
    • Empty Soda Bottles
    • Empty Scotch Bottles
    • Empty Whiskey Bottles
    • Empty Vodka Bottles
    • Empty Absinthe Bottles
    • Empty Moonshine Jugs
    • Empty Beer Bottles
    • Empty Wine Bottles
    • Coffee Cups
    • Sunset Sarsaparilla Bottles
    • Lunchboxes
    • Tin Cans
    • Empty Syringes
    • Jet Inhalers
  • Includes an highly-configurable INI file to turn off items by category and more.
  • You won't need compatibility patches with with any of your mods.
  • Uses scripted events to minimally impact performance.
  • NPCs that use affected items will also receive junk.



  • Install the contents of the archive into your /data/ directory.
  • Enable the plugin in the launcher or your mod manager of choice.

Yes, this mod is perfectly safe to uninstall at any time.

  • Remove Food Scraps.esp
  • Remove the Food Scraps folder from your ../data/ directory
  • Remove the Food Scraps folder from your ../data/meshes/ directory
  • Remove Food Scraps.ini from your ../data/config/ directory

You can find Food Scraps.ini under ../data/config/

This mod is as compatible as it can possibly be. However, custom items from other mods may not be affected out of the box.

To add support, you can edit the text files found under ../data/Food Scraps/. There's one text file per item category and you must strictly follow the formatting instructions found here.

Custom items from following mods are automatically supported: