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New Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI with custom scratch-made meshes, textures and working clock like in Fallout 76.

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It is known for certain that the residents of the Vault City had more modern Pip-Boy models than Chosen One had.
Based on this fact, we decided to give them a more modern model 2000 Mk VI, shown in the Fallout 76 teaser and trailer (yep, the game has not come out in those days). And remembering how we were asked many times to release a separate mod with our Pip-Boy 2000, we releasing this scratch-made version of Pip-Boy here on Nexus as separate mod for Fallout New Vegas (theoretically working In Fallout 3 and Tale of Two Wastelands).

So here it is and if you are interested in a huge project of our team, there are links at the bottom.

Mod Description

New Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI with custom meshes, textures and working clock (only .esp version and optional .esp for replacer). Almost exact reconstruction of what you saw in Fallout 76. Model was created some time ago so some differences take place.

Some words about optional files:
- Letters glowmap: add glowing to the STAT/ITEM/DATA painted letters for better navigation in very dark places.
- Working date and clock for replacer: just scripts by ZuTheSkunk that makes clock in our Pip-Boys work. Look on it like Plug-In re-placer version. NVSE needed. Ask if you really need Non NVSE copy of this file (in that case letters will not glow).
- Model without static: just inferior meshes that haven't "static" layer of the display.
Model without static for replacer: same as above but for replacer version.

And for those who don't watch on screenshots and don't read comments: the Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI can be found here.

Mod Incompatibility

There should be no known conflicts with anything that is not programmatically editing the model path (for replacer) of Pip-Boy or or the game Pip-Boys in any way (for regular version).

For those who have problems with the distance from the screen (part of the clock is cut off): in my game and on my screenshoths I have Pip-Boy FOV 60 (default is another) so I have no problems. If you need to change FOV there are two ways of do this:
1. In Fallout.ini and FalloutPrefs.ini (they usually are in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV) find fPipboy1stPersonFOV= and set another value. I have 60 so try something from 70 +-15.
2. Another way is using FOV Slider mod change this value directly from you game. How - you can find out for yourself on the mod page.

Mod Installation

Unpack files in your game Data directory and check .esp in your Mod Manager.

Mod Uninstallation

Delete the Pip-Boy2000MkVIMC folder located inside Meshes and PIPBoy2000MkVIMC and PIPBoy2000MC inside textures. And switch to default Pip-Boy in your saved game before you remove the files or an .esp.


Thanks to Obsidian for creating Fallout New Vegas.
Thanks to Bethesda and it's designers for the original look in Fallout 76 and separate big game just for fun.
AlexSolo - model, UV, all textures.
F@Nt0M - creation and configuring of a game object, small texture tweaks, esp.
TeHe4ek - some texture tweaks.
Vagiz - inventory icon.
ZuTheSkunk - working date\clock idea and implementation.

Tools used

Substance painter

Adobe Photoshop


You are not allowed to use any part of the mod in other projects separately and free and welcome to make your own re-textures as your mod, but with proper credits (Molten Clouds team) and link for the original mod for main files.
Send me a link to your mod also, I'm interested.

Some words about our project:

The Way of Chosen project aims to recreate second game of Fallout franchise on Fallout New Vegas engine. Fallout 2 Restoration Project is taken as basis, some aspects of Fallout 2 MegaMod are also included. Almost everything will be diligently recreated: places, characters, creatures, objects, quests, bugs. Of course, we're rethinking some of the aspects, but we can assure you, it will only benefit. Now to the point - we need time, interested people and skilled modmakers to help (yes, our team is not as big as the others). The links are below, and there are topics for recruiting in Discord.

Links to our team, mentioned above
Our Discord Channel: Molten Clouds
Our other places, which are now abandoned due to lack of people:
Our YouTube channel: Molten Clouds
Our website: Molten Clouds
Our Facebook page: Molten Clouds
Out ModDB page: The Chosen's Way