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I really love EdisLeado's pipboy 2500 and his arm mounted pipboy 2500. But found it odd that the NPC's retain their standard pip-boy 3000. This changes that. This also works for DarthFANt0M's Pip-boy 2000 MkVI replacer mod.

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All that has changed is the name of the esp to reflect that it will work with the DarthFANt0M's (Molten Clouds Team) Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI. As such make sure to delete the old esp when installing this one.

The Mod:

I have always love EdisLeado's Pip-boy 2500 mod. But it is odd to me that while the player would use this pipboy the NPCs would use the vanilla pipboy 3000. This mod changes that.

This mod is really just super simple. It basically just gives the NPC's the same pip-boy 2500 that you would be using with EdisLeado's mod(s). As such this is just a very simple esp that changes the pipboys to the 2500 one. This mod also removes the pipboy glove so you can see the proper armor gloves for these NPCs Since this is just an esp you will need to go grab the meshes and textures from his mod.

You will need to get the meshes and textures from EdisLeado's mod as I felt it best to just make that a requirement instead of reposting all the contents (besides I figure if you would use this you were already using one of his 2 mods). For this edition of the Pip-Boy I would highly recommend grabbing the Glowing Tubes Edition as that is a really high quality retexture that works for both the PC and the NPCs.

This mod should be compatible with any mod. It works with FNC (pictures above) and should work with TTW as well.

Turns out this mod also works with the replacer edition for Pip-Boy 2000 MkVI created by DarthFANt0M (Molten Clouds Team) as well so name changed, pictures added, links set for necessary meshes and textures. This means the Lunette patch will also work for either one. Also if it were up to me I would grab the Wasteland texture edition of this Pip-Boy for maximum lore-ness as it should work for both the PC and NPCs. This is an fantastic mod bringing what I think is the best Bethesda created Pip-Boy over into FNV. The level of detail with the working clock widget is just fantastic (also you can't really see it in FNV but if you look around at the pictures you can see classic Pip-Boy [the guy in the banner picture) on this pip-boy). 

Pictures are from Fallout: New California but it (and no DLC) are not required for the mod. Just where I noticed this issue the most with all the NPC's that use Pip-boys.

To increase the amount of people with Pip-Boys I would highly recommend Pip-Boys to the People.