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Created from scratch models and textures of the Classic Fallout 2 combat armor replacing Reinforced combat armor (standalone version available, as well as integrated to the vendor list).

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   This is a complete painstakingly recreated set of combat armor MK1 from the classic Fallout games for Fallout New Vegas. This entire set of Combat Armor gear is made by me in partnership with the Molten Clouds team and will be the part of their upcoming The Chosen's Way project, which is a complete and expanded re-creation of the Fallout 2 in the Fallout New Vegas game. 

You can read more about it on the Discord server.
Or visit YouTube channel.

Big thanks to Player for his B&W inventory icons
CroftMG - screenshots with enb
I also recommend Pixelhate's Bits of NifSkopery for people who wish to create or modify mesh files for New Vegas. It is nice, structured and concentrated knowledge base of Nifscope.

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Content and installation:

Download the main archive and export to Data. Activate default .esp or extract to data one of the optional esp files from "optional esp fils" folder.
Download and extract to Data 2k textures if needed with replacing all files. 
Me mod options are the following :



Fallout 2 combat armor (remastered) replacer b addon.esp - replacer with the backpack as an armor addon (permanent addon). (upd.: this version not yet properly works with Armed to the Teeth - Redux, backpack is not recognized by that mod, i will try to make fix for it later)
Fallout 2 combat armor (remastered) replacer b nonaddon.esp - (default version) replacer with the backpack as a separate item integrated to the reinforced combat armor vendor list. You can buy it from Gun Runners. It gives you +5 Survival. There are also 2 locations in the wasteland: cazador bag with reinforced combat armor MK2 set and mercenary camp boss with unique gauss riffle. 
Fallout 2 combat armor (remastered) nonreplacer b nonaddon.esp - puts the armor and backpack as a separate item into the bag near the dead prospector at the The Devil's Throat and integrates it into gunrunners vendor list.

There are also 2 additinal sets of 2d inventory icons in optional files. Download them and extract to Data with replacing files!