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This is a lore-friendly total overhaul mod that tweaks around 3600 icons which made them immersively more consistent in terms of coloring and transparency. There are other bug fixes too, and many new details! Okay, just write that in the brief overview, it's not that hard.

Permissions and credits
Doc Mitchell from Goodsprings needs our help!
Please visit his GoFundMe

Consistent Pip-Boy Icons

Note, GIF is extremely outdated. They look better than this now.

This ain't no small mod! This mod does some things to around 3100+ icons. What kind of things, do you ask?
  • All these icons are set to the now community standard: Coloration set to 255, 255, 255 - 80 in transparency.
  • Removed unwanted backgrounds, noise or other issues.
  • Fixes issues related to compression
  • I have also taken the liberty of adding new additional detail to most of the icons! See if you can spot them!

That's cool, but i like more things!
  • Includes Modders Resource, this is great for your next perk mod!
  • Included a couple of compatibility patches for the most popular mods out there
  • Added extra transparency for 'things in the distance' or arrows.
  • Some ugly icons are even drawn from scratch! Like perk_karmicreb, perk_concentrated fire, perk_devilshigh and many more!
  • Optional zip file for mod makers with every icon included in this mod in 4k with instructions on how to compile them into functional icons.

What other things have I done? I try really hard to not think about it, but not a moment goes by where it doesn't cross my mind. The man i was before, he is dead now. I don't even know who i am anymore. Sometimes i can't sleep because it's on my mind, just eating me away into this shallow and awful human being. I ask myself, can i continue on like this? Is it even worth it?
Can i keep telling myself these lies after lies to hold my sanity? I guess i am afraid of changing, because I've had no control over the changes that have happened around me, but what has changed is these sweet ass looking icons.


- Install this last.
- For upscaled icons: Requires either DARNU
I with support for upscaled icons, or Vanilla UI+

Otherwise just install this with your favorite floppy drive, and insert the girder into the oligarch, and then boom, all done!
Enjoy the mod!

Before and after of the "Weapons" Folder:

Recommended mods: 
More Mojave - Good mod, latest version is the best. If you tell Cheesehole you are reverting to 1.8, he'll be annoyed. That's why i am reverting to 1.8

Tools used:
Illustrator CC
Photoshop CC
XnView MP

Special Thanks:
Gilboron - For the idea to script the icons in for better compatibility, and for his Redux Icons contribution
Demorome - For helping me find issues and provide a fix along with it
Miguick  - For optimizing the plugin, and fixing issues with the plugin. As of 3.4, for rewriting the entire plugin from the bottom up.
Axonis  - For fixing VUI+ to be more compatible with this and other mods that I have made.
Pierluigi Caputo (FO4NV/CW/PA/Miami) - For sharing assets (or whole icons) to this mod! :)
Charlie (from FO4NV/CW) - For his kindness, and asset contributions to the mod
Griggles (from FO4NV/CW) - Same as above, but with sunglasses. 😎
Devastatin' Dave (FO4NV/CW/PA) - Learning me new tricks! And sharing some of his work with this mod. (:

The Burglar that is in my house right now - For having my family hostage, so that i can ignore the fact that this mod burns me out.