Fallout New Vegas
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A perk menu overhaul.

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I’ve often felt overwhelmed with a long list of perks the game throws at you on level up, and I've found myself spending a long time trying to decide which perk to take, only to end up going for the same build as usual. This mod offers a solution for these problems. 

Instead of a typical perk list, upon level up you will be able to choose one out of three perks randomly selected from the perk pool. There are also two buttons in the top-right corner of the UI - Re-roll and Eliminate. Re-roll refreshes the random selection up to three times, but carries a chance of giving you an unlucky perk active until next level (Luck over 5 improves your chances a bit). Eliminate lets you eliminate a perk from appearing in the selection for the rest of the playthrough.

As a result, you get more varied character builds with an element of luck involved.

Automatically supports any mod-added perks.

Comes with full controller support, as shown in videos below.


  • PC: Mouse controls only, mousewheel scrolls perk description being hovered over.
  • Controller: Dpad Left/Right - perk selection, Up/Down - scroll description of a selected perk, Y - reroll, B - eliminate, A - accept selection.

Known issues:

  • Pressing E or Tab while in perk menu breaks it - these keys control hardcoded functions in the perk menu and i haven’t found a way to get around that yet. To be safe, use either a mouse or a controller as described above to navigate new menu.
  • The mod currently doesn't handle cases where you have less than three perks available in the pool.


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