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ItsMeJesusHChrist aka LOC - Devastatin Dave - KobiasFunke

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Introducing the new version of "Consistent Pip-Boy Icons"! This update features meticulously hand-drawn Item icons, ensuring a visually consistent and immersive experience. It covers all of the vanilla item icons. This update features ~250 redrawn icons from the ground up.

Permissions and credits
ItsMeJesusHChrist aka LOC, Devastatin Dave and KobiasFunke presents:


Q: Does this mean that Consistent Pip-Boy Icons is back?

Q: Do I still need Consistent Pip-Boy Icons v4?
A: Yes, as this does not include every other Icon than Vanilla Item Icons.

Q: What's Next?
A: Vanilla Weapons!

Q: What will be different with v5 compared to v4?
A: More consistent art style! A totally new redesign of Vault Boy. Vault Boy will also be a singular mascot, unlike in v4 where there was two different designs. Also, everything will look nicer ;)

Q: Load order?
A: Load this last, after Consistent Pipboy Icons V4.

Q:What's Missing? 
  • Severed Heads of Vault Boy and Girl - The design of Vault Boy/Girl is not finalized.
  • NCR Money - Upcoming update
  • All of the Skill Books/Mags - Upcoming Update.
  • All of the Snowglobes - Looking for Mesh artist to help me out converting the in game models to the new design.