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ItsMeJesusHChrist aka LOC - Devastatin Dave

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A hand drawn recreation of every single weapon icons in two games. Featuring perfect alignment, more poses, redesign of Vault Boy and higher fidelity,

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  • 210~ hand drawn weapon Icons. A meticulously recreation of every single weapon icons in two games along with every single DLC for both of the games.
  • Perfect Alignment.  No more Jumping and moving icons. In vanilla, even though Vault Boy is using the same pose, he would move slightly to either side and/or up or down, making the icon "jump" when scrolling through the UI. Perfect alignment is something even AAA Game developers struggle to achieve. 
  • One Vault Boy to rule them all! In Fallout: New Vegas there are two different styles of Vault Boys, making the game feel more like a "mod"  for FO3, rather than its own game. Having one "Main"  Vault Boy will hopefully mitigate that feeling. 
  • More poses! Because Perfect Alignment highlights another issue with the Vanilla Icons: it lacks variation of poses. 
  • Higher fidelity, without being noisy/too much going on. Some of the weapons were painfully flat and forgettable. I've taken liberty in redesigning some of the weapons altogether.  
  • Consistency in minor details.  For instance, Vault Boy will always have the same thickness in the lines of the vest. 
  • All the expected fixes from previous Consistent Pip-Boy Icons! No more unwanted backgrounds, inconsistent coloration, inconsistent sizes of vault boy, unwanted noise, and etc.
  • Grandma Vault Boy! 

Special Thanks
NoBarkNoBiteNoonan - for helping out with references. ☺️