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(Mainly) Allows modders to modify troop upgrade paths without having to modify troop XML files, and to overwrite existing troop with new ones without issues that arise from overwriting troop XML files. The mod itself loads configs that do any or both of these things so that they happen. Read the documentation for more details.

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Compatible versions: e1.3, e1.4, e1.4.1, and probably e1.4.2 beta (again, I didn't crash with it).

Version 0.4.0 added a new attribute, Replaces, to the CustomTroopUpgrade XML node. This attribute can be used to specify which troop upgrade path to be replaced in a CustomTroopUpgrade operation, eliminating the need to perform a deleting and then an addition. Make sure the upgrade path to be replaced exists, though. The documentation and example have been updated accordingly. This is not a format-breaking change so your existing config files will function as normal.

There are many fantastic troop overhaul mods on the Nexus (Sturgian and Varyag Troop Overhaul, for one) which overhauls faction troop trees. Due to issues currently present with troop modification (e.g. vanilla presets get mixed in), many of these mods attempt to work around this by creating modified copies of the original and rebuild the troop tree with these, along with a mostly unmodified version of the recruit. This though, leaves the original troop units behind with no way of upgrading to the overhaul versions.

Originally, this mod attempts to address that by allowing troop upgrades to be added and deleted without having to (further) modify troop XML files. It has since expanded to allow existing troops to be "overwritten" with information from other troops in an attempt to bypass issues with simply overwriting troop information (i.e. redefining a troop of the same ID). Modders can use an XML config file in their mods' CustomTroopUpgradesData folders, and this mod will read from those to make the changes.

The mod itself serves to load the aforementioned XML files to overwrite troop information and reconfigure troop upgrade paths. It does nothing unless another mod with XML config files in its CustomTroopUpgradesData folder exists. On the other hand, this mod is not required for any mod to work, either (whether this holds true is dependent on the modder of the mod in question). The mod also provides an example XML file that is designed to work with Sturgian and Varyag Troop Overhaul and shows how this mod works, but the mod itself does not require that mod to work. Nor does that mod require this one, either. (As an aside, I do recommend the mod; check out the link, below.)

For more details, see the documentation here. If you run into any issues (and there will be issues), report it in either the Bugs tab or the Issues page on the Github repo. Make sure to include C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\logs\rgl_log_x.txt (usually the game log file location) when you report an issue, because the game will (usually) not crash if this mod encounters an issue.

Installation: Use Vortex. Alternatively, download this mod, extract the contents to Bannerlord game directory, and unblock all DLL files inside the CustomTroopUpgrades/bin/Win64_Shipping_Client folder.

  • Mixed Gender Troops: Load Custom Troop Upgrades before this mod in order for opposite-gender counterparts to have the changes copied over.
  • Sturgian and Varyag Troop Overhaul: A separate download contains the example config file that shows how my mod works. (Specifically, overwriting units obsoleted by the overhaul with their modded counterparts, then repairing the troop tree so that you still use old units, but "new and improved" and connected to new units that have no vanilla counterparts.)

Known Issues (see here for more details):
  • There is a limit of 2 upgrade paths per troop. Bad things will happen if this is exceeded. Working around this requires deleting and replacing old upgrades with new ones.
  • Some may notice the "double entry in the encyclopedia" issue. Unfortunately, the way this mod bypasses the issue of the game attempting to mix vanilla and modded information involves having to use a modified copy of the original unit, then replacing the original's information with the modded one. The amount of effort required to fix this renders a fix unlikely.


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