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Complete Overhaul rebalances all troops, increases visual diversity and brings nearly 50 new lore-friendly units!

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CTO is a complete, organized and balanced overhaul for all of Bannerlord`s troops. Troop skills are rebalanced. Armors and weapons are redistributed. Visual variety is vastly increased. 50+ new units bring extra variety and fill in new roles. Balance and depth are core concepts of the mod. This mod changes all main faction troops, militia troops, caravan troops, bandits and (not all yet) minor factions.



All new and Native troops received rebalanced skills according to their culture and new gear distribution. Troops are designed to follow a logical skill progression. The development from a recruit to any given final troop, usually tier-5, aims to always represent a spectrum. With each step in this spectrum, the troop acquires better skills and gear, or at least uses same level of gear. Hard changes in function still exist, but have been reduced to a minimal. 

The mod also fixes various wrong Native troop skills. All units will be proficient at their main function to the level it's due - no more archers without archery skill, but also no more militia peasants shooting like marksmen. In sum:

- Made certain cultures are better at certain troop types;
- Made sure troops evolve in logical, gradual manner;
- Fixed various Native troops with excess / lacking skills, and therefore OP or inefective.


CTO gives troops plenty of new gears to choose from. 
In general, troops have anywhere from 2 to 14 times their original visual variety.  Armor levels are now more distinct between troop functions and tiers. The best gear of any given culture is restricted to it's noble troops and possibly some tier-5 units. You will no longer see archers armored like tanks. Melee troops will always be more armored than ranged troops, two-handers more armored than shielded units.

Despite all troops having much more gear to select, it has also been ensured that each tier will 'fluctuate' around certain armor levels. This gives tiers more 'weight' and guarantees a steady gear progression. Also, a lot of care been taken in order to guarantee that troops make aesthetic sense. They not only will look as armored as they should be, they will look part of their culture. Thus, the vast increase in visual variety does not mean they will look unauthentic. Naturally the degree of this varies for each culture, as they have different amount of assets, but all have retained originality.

As for weapons, they follow similar logic. Lower tier units are often less regular, and thus carry all types of weapons, but gradually getting specialized. A levy infantryman may come with shield, without, with a single spear or an axe. Then, he progresses to carry a shield + 1-handed weapon, perhaps lower-end throwing weapons. Finally, he ends up with quality shield and axes/maces/swords, and a specific throwing weapon.

A few items have been added or been modified. Imperial Pila now are longer, like real life Pila. Longer versions of Vlandian two-handed swords have been added. New throwing spears have been added.

In sum:
- Greatly expanded the visual variety of essentially all troops ingame;
- Guaranteed a steady, logical progression of gear at all times, depending on tier and troop function;
- Fixed dozens of troops  using wrong gear, either too good or too bad for tier;
- Integrated into gear lists items that were previously unused;
- Items will overlap cultures when possible;
- Units always have visuals coherent with their culture;
- Made swords rarer. Axes, maces and spears more common. Ranged units use spears;
- Made sure cavalry units progress with horse quality in logical manner. Noble tier-6 troops use top quality noble horses.

Example of Vlandian longbowmen (new unit - these aren't even half of the presets!):

Example of Battanian Trained Warriors (Cingeto):

Example of expanded troop code:


On top of the rebalancing, Complete Troops Overhaul adds completely new troops and entire troop trees, exanding culture's rosters. This gives you as the player new ways to compose your army in every single culture. The units are completely integrated in upgrade paths, NPC parties and recruitment. All new troops are balanced in the same manner of original troops. No over-powered/balance-breaking troops - each will serve a purpose that was otherwise not served. These troops come in 2 different manners:

I. Integrated into Native trees
Every single major culture has new troops for it's common troop trees, and many have new noble units.

II. Integrated into completely new trees / Special troops
These replace the recruit for normal troops, depending on the relation of settlement culture and owner culture. This replacement is done by a percentage % which may be adjusted. Thus, the availability of traditional noble troops is unaffected, as only the recruit for common troops may be replaced.

Special troops for Imperial factions are the most special, as they extend outside Imperial settlements. These troops are Federate troops - that is, foreigners (Vlandians, Battanians, Sturgians, etc.) fighting for the Empire. By default, each Imperial faction has a different mix of these Federate / Auxiliary troops, making their armies different from each other. Federate troops spawn in Imperial settlements, but also completely override original recruits of any foreign settlement conquered. So, if an Imperial faction conquers an Aserai settlement, it only spawns Aserai Federates, and so on.

Other factions have their own special troop trees, but these are restricted to their own cultural territory. All these parameters can be configured, see the related article in Articles section for more info.

In sum:
- Completely reorganized most Native troop trees;
- Added dozens of new units that enable new army composition and taticts for each culture;
- Imperial Federate / Auxiliary system which can be configured;
- Removed most hard changes in troop function, such as archer becoming mounted archer.

Imperial Federates, each the end of a tree

Examples of other special troops


These extra troops have received a skill & gear overhaul just like any other troop. Besides that, caravan and militia troops now have their own trees and can upgrade to standart army units. This means that you no longer need to ignore them if released them from an enemy lord, as they are no longer dead-ends, or keep them forever in your party. You probably didn't do this, as they would occupy the space of potentially better troops.

Militia and caravan troops are weaker than average troops. Naturally, militia and caravan troops are less professional / exposed to combat than standart army troops. Thus, they perform worse than your average army soldier. This is specially important for sieges, as Native militia archers were overskilled. If you ever wonded why enemy archers seemed to be marksmen, it's because of that.

In sum:
- Fixed various skill bugs making these troops either too effective or virtually useless in their main function;
- There is now actually a purpose in keeping these units, as they eventually will upgrade to standart, better troops;
- Added plenty of visual variety, which was in dire need;
- Militia and caravan units are weaker than average;
- Less skilled militia mean less attacking troops sniped during a siege.


In order to better represent Calradia's various cultures, most units across all major factions have received new names according to the real-life cultures they are inspired by. With the exception of a few names, all the vocabulary used for this mod is real vocabulary of real languages. Exception are a few names that still follow the respective language's rules, but are made up, such as Eisenlöwe (Iron lion) for Vlandia and Battanius / Sturgiensis for Federate troops (neologisms that would actualy be possible in Latin). This goes hand-in-hand with their reworked visual styles.

This feature helps immersion by both giving more flavor to each faction and removing the repetitive titles such as 'archer / veteran archer / warrior / trained warrior', etc., which are best as placeholder names than actual names. For some players this might mean some adaptation time, which is positive. You'll be looking at the encyclopedia to see what that name repesents and get a deeper understanding of that culture. And that is immersive - realize that mosty people in Calradia would be unable to talk to each other.

Languages used:
BATTANIA: Gaelic (various dialects I believe), Gaulish, Dacian, Proto-Celtic (undefined origins).
All these languages have been used as Battanians draw from all of them. From the Dacian Falx in the Black Sea to the Scottish kilts in northern Britain. If you pay close attention, you'll be able to spot which units are more related to each other.

ASERAI: Arabic.

STURGIA: Ancient Norse, Ukrainian.
Ancient Norse was more used for infantry while Ukrainian for other units. It is clear that Sturgia is not meant to be culturally unified. This represents the real-life mixing of Slavs and Norse in Kiev-Rus area. They also represent both Nords and Vaegir factions in Warband, which are Norse and Slav, respectively.

VLANDIA: English, Italian, French, German.
Various Western languages used as Vlandians seem to a mix of cultural backgrounds. They are defined as coming from the West, not a specific country and culture.

EMPIRE: Latin, Greek.
Both languages were used as the Calradic Empire draws heavy inspiration from the Byzantine period in Roman history. They share a good amount of vocabulary when it comes to warfare, it seems. Names for Federate troops were made in Latin, some using neologisms that would make sense, eg 'Sturgiensis' = Sturgia + ensis, sufix that designates origin, 'coming from'.

KHUZAIT: Mongolian.


Have you ever thought lords used gear too cheap / weak considering they are the social elite of Calradia? This optional mod fixes that. Lords will only use high quality gear, as well as their culture's heaviest gear. Aside from looking better, they will also be less repetitive. Many items that could be used for them were not.

Keep in mind that lord gear is random. They pick from a list of sets when the game begins. Because of this, this optional mod will not work in saved games. Also, despite trying in many different forms, there has been no success on 100% overwritting vanilla presets - some lords will still spawm with Native gear. Still, many lords will use updated gear.

For more details on the mod, check the Mod Features article in Articles section.

Recommended Mods

 Realistic Battle mod - Changes various details about combat. Features that go well with Complete Troop Overhaul:
- Troops always have their shields up, hence reduced effectiveness of ranged units;
- High-end troops more effective due to increased efficiency of armor, what makes them survive more and widens gap between them and recruits;
- Increased horse charge damage and lance reach increase effectiveness of cavalry units (thrusts from horseback less effective, couched lances more effective);
- Increased efficiency of spear troops due to increased damage in close-quarters. Many spearmen in CTO fight solely with spears;
- Skirmishers and units with throwing axes more effective as these weapons are more likely to break shields.

Very recommended.

 Enable Unit Skills - Fixes certain skills not affection troops as they should. This means that skill level carries more impact, and thus the effeciency gap between troop tiers is bigger.

Very recommended

 Bear my Banner - Nice aesthetic change.


Expanded troops is NOT compatible with any other troop mod. This includes:
- Main faction troops;
- Bandits;  --- easily fixabled. Check Articles section.
- Mercenaries;
- Minor factions currently reworked;

Installation / Uninstallation

1) Extract the .rar file;
2) Drop it into the 'Modules' folder in Bannerlord's directory;
3) Download and activate Custom Troop Upgrades (
4) Download and activate Adonnay's Troop Changer;
5) In Main Menu, go to Mod Options, Adonnay's Troop Changer and enable 'Enable Mod Scan Functionality';
You must have a mod like Modlib or MCM for this.

6) Everything is fully functional. Restart game to experience all features.

 Disable in Launcher / remove files. Your game WILL CRASH if you uninstall this mod and try to load a save made with this mod enabled, because that save has references to information that will be lost by uninstalling.