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Complete Overhaul rebalances all troops, increases visual diversity and brings nearly 50 new lore-friendly units!

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 REBALANCED SKILLS. All troops have revised gear and skills. Troops will be increasingly good at their specialties, and get gear according to function and tier. One troop might have spread out skills (horse archer, skirmisher), while other has better skill and increased proficiency in a specific skill. The higher the unit's tier, the more specialized are it's skills. The highly specialized and professional troops (noble tier-6) reach the total of 300 points in a single skill. The mod also fixes various wrong Native troop skills.

 AESTHETIC VARIETY & GEAR DISTRIBUTION. Increased and rebalanced possible gear on nearly all troops. More weapon variety (most troops get a mix of spears, maces, axes and swords), more armor pieces used throughout all factions, more appropriate availabe armors according to function: no more ranged units armored as walking tanks.

In general, troops have anywhere from 2 to 14 times their original visual variety.

This feature includes all main faction troops, militias, caravan units and bandits, from looters to bosses!

Each troop will look more diverse and get the gear it's due. No more tier-3 spearmen with max-hp shields, or tier-6 nobles with inferior weapons. In essence:
- Fixed dozens of troop lists using wrong gear (either too good or too bad for tier);
- Greatly expanded the visual variety of essentially all troops ingame;
- Integrated into gear lists items that were previously unused;
- Items will overlap cultures when possible.

Example of expanded troop code:

Example of Vlandian longbowmen (new unit - these aren't even half of the presets!):

Example of Battanian Trained Warriors (Cingeto):

Example of rebalanced Berserkr (previously Ulfhednar):

Some bandit bosses examples:

 EXPANDED TROOPS. On top of the rebalancing, Complete Troops Overhaul adds over 50 new units, exanding all main factions' troop trees. The units are completely integrated in upgrade paths, NPC parties and recruitment. All new troops are balanced in the same manner of original troops. No over-powered/balance-breaking troops - each will serve a purpose that was otherwise not served.

Aserai Camel Lancers

Imperial Skirmishers / Peltastae

 TROOPS RENAMING. New and old troops receive names according to the cultures that inspire their culture. This greatly reduce troop name repetitions (veteran/hardened/trained  archer/infantry/cavalry) and gives the game more immersion.
For example:

Imperial Archer ---> Imperial Toxotoi // Imperial Heavy Horseman ---> Imperial Vigla Equestris
Khuzait Nomad ---> Khuzait Nuudelcin // Khuzait Horse Archer ---> Khuzait Dajcin
Aserai Infantray ---> Aserai Mushah // Aserai Vanguard Faris ---> Aserai Faris Tali'a
Battanian Recruit ---> Battanian Vasso // Battanian Fian ---> Battanian Boghadair Fèinnidh

Rebalancing Details

 NERFED RANGED TROOPS. By now it's well know ranged troops are unbalanced. CTO balances that by making a hard nerf to bowmen and crossbowmen units;

SHIELDED RECRUITS. Tier-2 melee units have received shields. You'll not lose your precious recruits so easily anymore;

- Armor progression is always gradual, taking into account tier, nobility or not and troop function;
- The TOP armor of each culture is restricted to tier-6 noble (regardless of function) and (possibly) tier-5 common MELEE troops;
- RANGED troops will always have INFERIOR armor to same-tier melee counterparts (Battanians are exception);
- Overall armor and weapon quality were taken into consideration with each other during rebalancing. One melee troop may have javelins while another melee of same tier will not, but will have superior armor and/or skills;
- Certain cultures will have overall higher armor (eg. Empire), while others have increased fighting skills, one thing compensating the other (eg. Battanians, Sturgians);
- Most high-ter infantrymen will have a second function. They'll either have a throwing weapon or a spear, giving them anti-cav capabilities, meaning they won't be simply 'sword and shield guy';
- Axes, Maces and Spears are more common amongst non-professional infantrymen. Swords are more common with noble / high-tier troops;
- Many spearmen/polearm infantry have onehanded weapons removed from them, forcing the use of polearms;
- Many ranged troops have received doble ammo stacks;
- Many troops had their armor corrected in relation to vanilla. Some were drastically reduced, others increased.

- Low-tier troops will have basic horses, evolving up to tier-6 NOBLE horseman, which will receive the culture's NOBLE horse (superior). You can only get these horses as tournament prizes (very rare!);
- Bardings previously unused (eg. Northern Ring Barding) now are used by it's culture's troops;
- Fixed many wrong bardings, such as Mameluke tier-4 cav having better barding than Mameluke tier-5 cav. Bardings will always be gradual, with only the best troops getting the best, just like any other piece of gear.

- As mentioned above, culture is considered for overall skill levels. Some cultures will be better than others regarding skills. Naturally, this will make cultures exceed with certain troop / army compositions. There is no better archer than tier-6 Battanian noble archers, there is no better infantry than tier-6 Sturgian noble infantry;
- Fixed loads of skill mistakes. All troops will be good at what they do, considering the various others factors already mentioned - how good is it's armor, it's function, it's tier, it's culture;
- Specialized troops will have the top skills, up to 300 points. Basic principle is this: An infantryman that gets heavier gear and javelins (eg. Empire) will have lower fighting skills than one without javelins and/or inferior armor, unless, of course, this second infantryman comes from a culture of explicitly worse infantry when compared to the other (eg. Khuzait);
- Troops will evolve as logically as possible. Sudden changes of function are avoided, such as infantryman suddenly becoming ranged/mounted. However it's not possible to completely remove them.


 Realistic Battle mod - Changes various details about combat. Features that go well with Complete Troop Overhaul:
- Troops always have their shields up, hence reduced effectiveness of ranged units;
- High-end troops more effective due to increased efficiency of armor, what makes them survive more and widens gap between them and recruits;
- Increased horse charge damage and lance reach increase effectiveness of cavalry units (thrusts from horseback less effective, couched lances more effective);
- Increased efficiency of spear troops due to increased damage in close-quarters. Many spearmen in CTO fight solely with spears;
- Skirmishers and units with throwing axes more effective as these weapons are more likely to break shields.

 Bear my Banner - Nice aesthetic change.




Expanded troops is NOT compatible with any mod that changes:
- Main faction troops;
- Bandits;
- Mercenaries;
- Minor factions currently reworked;
- Any mod that alters the Pila weapon will override / have changes overwritten.

Known Issues

MOD NOT WORKING. Make sure you have the correct version of Custom Troop Upgrades and Replacer for your Bannerlord version. Make sure your mods' .dll files are unblocked. Make sure no other mod interferes with Complete Troop Overhaul. Always have a backup!

TROOPS NOT STACKING. This is a minor issue that can occur. I haven't fully understood why it happens, but in general, troops won't be in different stacks. This should be only a visual issue, troops will behave exactly the same.

TROOPS MISSING WEAPONS. Unfortunately the cause for this is not know. It might be a weapon lacking in the code, however, it also happens with the code 100% correct. Troops sometimes also spawn with presets that don't exist in the code. I assume this is a limitation of Bannerlord to have it's troops overwritten, which is evidenced by the fact we need a mod just for that.

Installation / Uninstallation

1) Extract the .rar file;
2) Drop it into the 'Modules' folder in Bannerlord's directory;
3) Download and activate Custom Troop Upgrades (
3) Activate in Launcher BOTH 'Complete Troop Overhaul' and 'Custom Troop Upgrades'.

 Disable in Launcher / remove files. Your game WILL CRASH if you uninstall this mod and try to load a save made with this mod enabled, because that save has references to information that will be lost by uninstalling.


-ThresherMaw: author of the mod
-Thekicek: Help with troop variety, ideas, historical information