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About this mod

Adds female versions of combat troops.
Configurable ratio, exclude/include certain types of units. Apply to all cultures or specifics cultures.
Compatible with all XML mods.
Also, an option to hide all helmets included free.

Permissions and credits
Mixed Gender Troops
(formerly Female Troops)

Adds a female version of each combat troop, depending on the settings. It can be configured to only apply to certain types of units and certain occupations (i.e bandits, mercenary).
There are no known gameplay consequences of this, they still have the same equipment, recruitment cost, required exp, and level.

The options

Mixed Parties
By setting CreateMixedParties to true, the mod will create a female version of units. These units can only upgrade to other female units. Parties will contain these new units at a ratio specified by the Female Ratio setting.

By setting CreateMixedParties to false, the mod will alter units to make them female, instead of duplicating them.

Do Companions
Removed, see my other mod, Mixed Gender Companions

Lords, notables, and merchants
The mod has 3 options that target lords/notables/merchants. When enabled, these types of NPCs will be converted to women. This setting works in both Mixed Parties and In-Place modes. Not sure how this would affect a long-running game, lords might not be able to have children? Do NPCs die when they age a lot?

PS: Notables are the village leaders, the ones you get quests from, usually named "X of Y", i.e Mattis of Canterion.
PPS: Female ratio doesn't affect these units. If "Do Lords" is enabled, it will convert all lords.

Hide Helmets
By setting HideHelmet to true, all helmets will appear invisible. This has the side effect that their icon will be empty.

This mod can be added to an existing game. However, the effects of the mod won't be immediately apparent. After 1 day you will see female units to be recruited, but existing parties won't have female units immediately.

  • Extract the contents of the ZIP file into \Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules. 
  • You do this by right-clicking the file, going into Properties, checking "Unblock", then pressing Apply
  • Start the game launcher and enable the Mixed Gender Troops mod

The resulting file structure should look like \Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\MixedGenderTroops\bin\...


The configuration is done via the "Mixed Gender Troops" menu

  • Some Do's might overlap, a unit can be both a bandit and an archer, meaning setting either Do Archer or Do Bandit to true will change a bandit archer's gender.
  • An "Infantry" unit is a unit that is not an archer nor mounted, but still a soldier.
  • In the XML: TargetUnits and ExcludedUnits take precedence over all the DoX and TargetY. 
  • In the XML: ´╗┐For target units, you can check out the file spnpccharacters.xml in the SandBoxCore module


  • Save and exit to the main menu
  • Go to the options
  • Check the Uninstall checkbox
  • Load your save game
  • Move around a bit/unpause the game
  • Save the game

Known Issues

  • Changing the helmet hiding from true to false without restarting the game will make everyone go bald.

Reporting a bug

Report any encountered issues in the comments.
The mod creates 2 files in its folder, mod.log and error.log, please include these in the bug report alongside any game error information.
Including the steps to reproduce the bug and the save game makes it much easier to help.


Harmony id: mgt.fixes.fillpartystack
Purpose: Fix a problem with bandit parties only being able to hold 3 types of units.
This can cause unexpected parties to spawn. Since this mod potentially doubles the types of units in parties, fixing this is required to be as flexible as possible.
Target: MobileParty's FillPartyStacks(PartyTemplateObject, PartyTypeEnum, int)
Type: Prefix
Conditions: Will skip execution of the original method if partyType is Bandit.

Spawning/Finding the female units

Their StringId suffix is __ft_female
So imperial_recruit's female version StringId would be imperial_recruit__ft_female

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