Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Miscellaneous, mostly personal, quality-of-life improvements and fixes to the game.

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v1.1.4.4 tested on e1.5.9-10. v1.1.5 tested on e1.6.0.

Bannerlord's on the backburner for me in general as I don't have as much interest in the game as I used to have. I will continue maintaining my mods, but if anyone is interested in working on them, contact me and I'll give permission to edit the mods' repositories (currently hosted on GitHub).

also I took too long to rename the mod's title on Nexus whoops

This collection contains all of my miscellaneous modifications that are neither my largest-scale mod thus far nor my first mod on the Nexus ever, nor anything in between. In other words, they are too small and insignificant to be separate mods. They are generally quality-of-life improvements (by my standards) or fixes to really nagging things (again by my standards).

I may release them separately by popular demand. All fixes can be turned on or off, or adjusted.


General Compatibility: Unless otherwise noted (and sometimes even then; see Fixed Bandit Spawning, above), these mods should be compatible with others. You can, of course, turn individual fixes off to avoid conflicts.




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