Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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(Tier 6 Infantry)As Valkyries take fallen warriors and elevate them to Valhalla, this mod aims to elevate the lackluster Sturgia troop trees
My objective was to(while keeping balance)take historic examples, myths, and legends and create something that also better resembled the Nord and Vaegir factions from warband(taking some creative license)

Permissions and credits
(This mod REQUIRES Custom Troop Replacer in order to work)
-Merge the Modules folder with that of your game and enable "Valkyrja" and "CustomTroopUpgrades" in the mods tab on the launcher.
-Should work with old save games, though because of the way the Custom Troop Replacer works, you will have to upgrade into the new troops(it has to be done this way because else-wise the equipment changes wouldn't work).
IF YOU ARE GETTING CRASHES unblock the .dll from custom troop replacer and spnpccharacters_Valkyrja.xml by right clicking and going to properties.

I didn't think it made sense that their wasn't any T6 Infantry in the game, so I decided to add it.
I thought that with so many female warriors among the nobility of Sturgia surely there should be more among the commoners.
I personally didn't like the Varyag(Varangians{Vikings}) upgrading into Druzhinnik(essentially Kievan Rus Noble retinue), so I separated them(and gave the Russians a T5 Infantry).
I tried my best to equally represent the Russian and Norse aspects of the faction in the basic troop tree with males and females for both, each having their own unique cavalry(Heavy shock and Light skirmish), and both having their own unique infantry units(Vaegir-esque markswomen and Imperial trained Væringjar).
I thought, most sadly of all, that my boys the Berserkers got SHAFTED so I moved them to the Noble troop tree and gave them armor("Snorri Sturluson interpreted the meaning as "bare-shirt", that is to say that the warriors went into battle without armor, but that view has largely been abandoned"). While they are BEASTLY melee infantry I did keep their stats and armor in line with the other Noble troops as well as deciding to give them the downside of not having a ranged weapon(for balance).

I am a newbie modder and have been working on getting this out since April 16th

I did my best to keep stats and equipment in line with the base game's balance, if you have any questions or concerns(or would like to report any mistakes or inconsistencies) please contact me.

Credit for EVERYTHING in the CustomTroopUpgrades folder goes to Designer225 and created with their code from Custom Troop Upgrade and Replacer Mod