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NOW AVAILABLE & FULL PLAYABLE ! Full conversion of the game's campaign map into a European one. Map dedicated mainly to the modder and to the teams that do not have a campaign map. All resources and tutorials on discord server.

Permissions and credits

...or risk crashing at launch ! 

|| Support, help and reports only on the discord server ||


 Download the mod 

 Download this Harmony mod : CLICK HERE

 Unzip this two mods into your module folder :
...STEAM\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules

 Delete the two folders (CoreShaders and TerrainShaders) in : (CHECK OUT THE ADDRESS, IT'S NOT IN STEAM BUT IN WINDOWS !)
C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Shaders

 Unblock the 2 files in : (It is not necessary on some PCs)
...\STEAM\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\Europe_LemmyProject\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client

 Launch bannerlord and check the 2 mods in this order :

||    KNOW ISSUES !    ||

Sometimes the game crashes when you start a new game, just restart a second or third time. (make sure you have done step 4)

There are still recurrent and random crashesfor some players, sometimes after 10 minutes of play, sometimes after 10hours, because of a problem with modding tool that Taleworlds has not yet resolved !

 The Sturgian walls do not appear to have been destroyed during the sieges.

Sometime you find missing icons such as the state of walls during sieges, flying houses in cities, flags flying over castles, armies climbing steep mountains...Help me to solve these problems in Discord server.

A problem has appeared with 1.8.0 ! All decals have disappeared from the map!  All the decals below the village or the cities or even the circle decals in orange when you drag the mouse over a colonies ! Fixed on 1.7.2 but Taleworlds has not fixed it for 1.8

||    FAQ    ||

 The game crash !
Did you read all the steps above? If so, come to the Discord

 Are you going to enlarge the map?
Yes, but later this year when Taleworlds fix the modding tool.

 Why Beta ?
There are still many small mistakes, please report them to me on the discord

 Are the colonies placed in real locations? Will you rename them?
Yes I will rename the colonies with real names, but at the end of the beta. I have placed the cities in the right places (pretty much) but the castles and villages have been placed according to the gameplay

 What is the overall vision? Realism, Era, Kingdom, troop tree...
This map is not supposed to be realistic, it's a bit "my version" of Europe. I attach much more importance to gameplay than to realism. Also some countries had to be modified to save space.

 I didn't choose a particular era, you can see all the resources I use here  on discord server. The choice of cities is made on the map based between 900 and 1200AD.

 There is a strong chance that the kingdoms represented are part of an alternate history in order to facilitate their placements and creations.

Regarding the troops trees, we should try to modify them so that we don't have copy/paste Kingdoms. Recruitments have been made in this direction.

All towns, villages, castles and kingdoms will be renamed to match the real ones.

 Can I use it for myself or for my mod?
Yes of course ! I just have a request apart from being credited for my work, I just want to be notified and be invited to follow its evolution on your side/server, this will allow me, apart from having the joy of seeing it improving, to enhance myself and to share these improvements in my future updates of the map.

You like my job ? Buy me a beer 🍺

Thanks to all the modding community who helped me a lot to make this map and got me out of trouble more than once! There is still a lot of work to do but with your help and your reports I will get there !

||    DECALS PROBLEM only on 1.8 ||
On the left the decals work and on the right they don't. More ground textures in villages and towns, fields, some decorations, circles around settlements

|| Next updates preview ||