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Revision of the Europe Campaign Map factions
(control over ferry points, replacement names of settlements, ferry crossings, heroes, clans, factions with historical ones).

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Mod is under development.
Only for Europe Campaign Map.

Discord: ECM Kingdoms

Mod tries to bring ECM closer to historical data, of course, with assumptions due to the incompleteness of historical information (for example, there is little/no information at all about the wives/daughters of the majority of the Mongolian nobility) and the preservation of playability. The historical period falls about the time after the end of the Western European campaign of the Mongols (about 1243).

1. Replacement of names of settlements and ferry points.
All done - Empire (German, Italia, Hispania), Sturgia (Norsemen), Vlandia (Franks), Battania (Britons),  Aserai (Berbers), Khuzait (Cumans), Mongols, Byzantines, Ayyubids.
Changed names of settlements, added names for Ferry Points. Removed word "castle" from the names of castles, i.e. there is now only the name of the toponyms on the map (the proper name of the settlements, ferry points).

2. Control over ferry points.
All done.
Ferry points now belong to the owners of the nearest castles or towns. You can use the ferry as long as you are at peace with the ferry owner's faction. You will not be able to use a ferry belonging to your enemy. To use the ferry, you will need to capture the city/castle. Information about who controls the crossing can be found in the encyclopedia in the description of the nearest town (descriptions are not finished yet). 
While I'm waiting for a response from Space_Pot8to (a programmer from the Lemmy team) on how to do this via xslt, so far it has been implemented by completely replacing the source file in ECM. 

3. Replacement the names of heroes, clans, taking into account historical family ties.
Done - Mongols.

4. Replacement faction and culture names.
In progress. The plans include Cuman Khanate (Cuman culture), Kingdom of Norsemen (Norsemen), Kingdom of Franks (Frank), Kingdom of Britain (Briton), Almohad Caliphate (Berber), Ayyubid Sultanate (Kurd), Golden Horde (Mongol), and three former provinces of the Roman Empire - Roman Germania, Roman Italia, Roman Hispania.

Installation and load order
- If you are installing the mod for the first time, you need to launch a new game.
- If you already have the ECM_Kingdoms_Revision mod installed, you can install the new version on top of the old one.
- Unzip the archive and place ECM_Kingdoms_Revision and Europe_LemmyProject folders in the Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules folder.
When copying, agree to overwrite files (files will be overwritten FerryPoints.xml and Ports.xml in the Europe_LemmyProject mod).
- Activate the ECM_Kingdoms_Revision mod in the launcher. The mod must be loaded after Europe Campaign Map.