Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

About this mod

A fantasy modular total overhaul with magic, technology, items, auras, multi-projectiles, and kingdom troop trees.
Complete revamp now includes fantasy races such as the Undead, Vampires, Orcs, Goblins, Drow, and Elves.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • English
A lot of this mod description is out dated as the mod is rapidly changing - find our discord for the latest info.

All feedback, suggestions, and collaboration are welcome!
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The winds of change have come to Calradia! A turbulent time of change, awakening, magic, and technology.
Undead, orcs, goblins, elves, and dark elves have been added to the game.



All items can be found in various settlements, or obtained via cheats.



1. The Holy Kingdom of Vlandia
Traditional medieval society, they vilify magic. 
Will make use of "faith" based power in the form of auras. Their elite units will have defense, attack, and healing auras.

2. The Nehktari Dynasty
An ancient dynasty of dark elf enchanters that rule thedesert to the south. The faction is ruled by enchanters, who are divided into three
cults. The Eagle-Cult, The Silver-Serpents, and the Gold-Serpents. The Eagle-cult serves, and the Medjay order are the bravest of both serpent factions, created to maintain the balance between the ruling factions.

Has a focus on enchanted staves and wands.

3. The Calradic Empire of Man
A fractured super power, they've rapidly developed advanced technology to combat the undead threat.

4. The Undead Empire
The primary cause of the empire's downfall and loss of power. Led by the Vampire Count's of Sturgia, they have resurrected an army of undead.
While the undead are sentient, they are bound to their Vampire Lords and cannot defy them.

5. The Elven Aliiance
High Elf / Wood Elf Faction.

6. The Greenskin Horde
Orc / Goblin Faction

Fantasy Race Preset Examples For CA 1.6.5+ - Ctrl +C then in Character Creation do Ctrl + V - From here edit as you see fit!:
If it doesn't work, copy to a document and fix the spacing.


<BodyProperties version="4" age="22" weight="1.0" build="1.0" key="003A740FD9FC3487EE8FB86FDEF8DEDC0EAE7B87CCC1EC48EFFF330F7FFFDFA000F776030FFFEE8F000000000000000000000000000000000000000001FC9105"  />
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Nehktari (The Drow):
<BodyProperties version="4" age="22" weight="0.3" build="0.5" key="003FE4001BFC0004F87F103C56535505B99F8930FC67A758510760097EE674000087760308E388760000000000000000000000000000000000000000051C3002"  />
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High Elf:

<BodyProperties version="4" age="22" weight="0.5" build="0.5"  key="0000080140CC00092E7E766A75C5FF83B07A8865B7887AE8FEF3FF787FF0631000977603098458060000000000000000000000000000000000000000552C7006"  />
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Wood Elf:

<BodyProperties version="4" age="22" weight="0.3" build="0.3" key="00003C0DC0CC00092E7E766A75C5FF83B07A8865B7887AE8FEF3FF787FF0631000977603098458060000000000000000000000000000000000000000552C3006"  />
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Warning: Removing this mod will prevent you from using a save file. Adding this mod back in will allow it to be used again. This is due to the missing item IDs once this mod is removed.
Not Compatible: Realistic battle mod, as it will cause the magic spells to do almost 0 damage. DCC is also most likely not compatible.

The Team + Shout Outs:
BenjiG91 / KingKilo - Me
Hangyu5 / yhyu13 - Developer of the original shotgun mod for bannerlord, he is responsible for the aura feature (not used as much in this mod) and multi-projectile  (as seen when using the blunderbuss in this mod) features the Calradia Awakens mods make use of!
Lyon  - Responsible for several models used in game! This one's skills have improved rapidly and he was very kind enough to donate his time for your enjoyment!
ThrashManic9 - This guy has been working hard to rig up some stuff for the mods!
Timur - Creator of our lovely discord icon!
Taleworlds - For creating such a lovely and amazing game, and supporting modders by actively answering our questions and providing supports.
The TW Forum - Modding Discord people - A great community that offers help! 
anoldretiredelephant / shooterperson11 -  Helps in a variety of ways from suggestions, feedback, names, colors, and even sounds.
Jestle's Firearms
ADamnSexyName's Swadia Armoury
FerDuhrer's has made many assets for our mod and is essentially a god.

Free Resources Used:
PLEASE NOTE: I had to drastically modify these resources, including but not limited to custom textures, ripping off and adding pieces, resizing, decimating, etc.
The quality you see in game is NOT an accurate portrayal of the quality the original creators made. Please check out their work here:
I need to repeat that everything has been edited, including sounds.

"Flintlock pistol" by Cyril43 is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution
"1855 Springfield rifle musket - game asset" by Andy woodhead is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
"Flintlock pistol" by lionclaw0612 is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
"game ready Helm of the Legionnaire" by Arsamakov Bers is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
"Fantasy helmet" by Aartee is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
"Stargate Jaffa Helmet" by lexruel is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
"Serpent Guard's Helmet" by Bob is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
"Severus Snape Magic Wand" by wwwlas is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
"Harry Potter Magic Wand" by wwwlas is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
"Magic Wand" by BozhidarKN is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
"Magic Staff" by lovibos is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
"Moria Orc 2" by DarthMongolTheUnwise is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial.
"Orc Helmet" by Alexander Amador is licensed under  Creative Commons Attribution.
"Viking Helmet" by NikolasAntonio is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.
"The Witch King of Angmar's Helmet - LOTR Fan art" by Billy Jackman is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.

Purchased Assets:
"Elven swordsman & spearman" by Slayver is licensed under Standard.
"Elven spearman & swordsman" by Slayver is licensed under Standard.