Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Zeonvision and BlackHawk

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Troops bearing banners, customizable banners for each formation, tournament themes and much more!

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Bear my Banner

Current version 0.7.3. Last tested in e1.5.2. and e1.5.3 beta

Share your banner designs here for an upcoming feature!


Taleworlds decided to pull the implementation of banners for now, most likely because they don't work perfectly yet.

This mod places banners back in the troops' hands. Banners are equipped dynamically when a battle is loaded, no more item and troop list modifications and
no more tricking the troops into using the banner like a shield. This means compatibility with every™ other mod!

Many aspects of this mod are highly configurable using an in-game Mod Configuration Menu, but some optional configuration files are still in:

[Game folder]\Modules\BearMyBanner\ModuleData\

Open them with your favourite text editor. If you're using the Simple version, all the config files are in that folder. Read this configuration guide to understand what each setting does and what values you can change.

List of features:

  • Everything is highly customizable
  • Banners in field battles, sieges and hideout attacks, as well as in custom battles
  • Decide which and how many troops get banners. Also give banners to yourself, your companions and other nobles
  • Custom formation banners for the player's party. Off by default. Note that the game doesn't save the formations you assign to troops. You can use Fixed Formation Classes to circumvent this, just be careful with that mod and your savegames
  • Tournament banners for each team with various themes for each culture
  • Units will drop their banners under dire situations
  • Banner carrier when visiting a village, town or castle

Frequently asked questions


Differences with BannerPeasants



Install using Vortex or download manually and place in your Modules folder.

Configure the mod if you want using the in-game menu and also by tweaking the configuration files in the installation folder at [Game folder]\Modules\BearMyBanner\ModuleData.

This mod can be installed mid-playthrough, all parties will appear with banners during a battle immediately. It can also be uninstalled without consequence, parties will not use banners anymore.

I also recommend to use BannerLord Mod Launcher which is a must when using many mods, Fixed Formation Classes to save formation setups and BannerPaste to be able to copy banner codes from the online editor in the banner screen.

Mod compatibility

This mod should be compatible with every item and troop changing mod.

As of version 0.7.0 this mod uses Mod Configuration Menu to add in-game settings. Have a look at that mod's description for more details.

This mod does not patch any code using Harmony (except the required patches by MCM).


If you're having problems with this mod, first read this troubleshooting guide. If none of that works, read this bug reporting guide and then post bug reports for this mod here.


This mod is still being actively developed and updated regularly. If you'd like to contribute, you'll find this mod in GitHub.
You're also welcome to post in this mod's GitHub issues page about any issues or suggestions you have.

Planned features


Big thanks to BlackHawk for his contributions, his patience and his ongoing help. To To brandonm37211, Kinjoson and Rohzdear for pointing out bugs, suggestions and improvements to the code. To everybody else who took time figuring out conflicts with ModLib, even though I decided to stop using it until option menu mods are stable. To the modding community for publishing the research, conversations and documentation. And of course to TaleWorlds, for having such an open mind to modding and creating the game with that in mind.