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This is not BCOM but a BCOM extensions module. It includes a BAIN installer where you can choose from 9 mods (or even take them all) that have been made both BCOM compatible and compatible with each other. The goal is to make the installation process easier.

Permissions and credits

Beautiful Cities of Morrowind

(Installation recommended on a fresh install)

Load order:
- Shipyards of Vvardenfell
- Beautiful Cities of Morrowind
- Sadrith Mora SOP Base 

(rest doesn't matter)

A flexible module which mods can be installed via a BAIN installer.
You can use any combination of these mods, whether it's just one mod or all of them together

- Rise of House Telvanni
- Weapon Sheithing if you install Animated Morrowind and Weapon Sheathing patch for OpenMW

This is a compilation of the work of many modders:

01 Sadrith Mora - Seat of Power of House Telvanni by RandomPal 
02 Of Murk and Mussels - A Sadrith Mora Trader by DimNussens and me
03 Of Musk and Mer - A Sadrith Mora Tale  by DimNussens and me
04 Of Melodies and Moonlight - A Sadrith Mora Artist by me
05 Devilish Upper District (Module exclusive) by me

OAAB Market by Kalinter
07 Bell Towers of Vvardenfell by Markond
08 Shipyards of Vvardenfell (Sadrith Mora - Seyda Neen - Gnaar Mok) by SexySlipperySloads
09 Hasphats HQ Telvanni Textures (Hybrid) by Hasphat Antobolis, Biont and SenebAnkh-Nelldrak

Please be so kind and leave them an endorsement or a nice comment on their modpage.

Further credits:
- quorn and PoodleSandwich - Jeff Baker ( - SuperQuail (Hospitality Papers)
- Igor Levchenko for his Morrowind artworks (
- DimNussens for many of his meshes (which you may use as well)
- Kellborn for his pants and shirt from the Daedric Warlock Armor mod 
- Tyddy for his Ashlander Bugs Carapaces Retexture - Aestetika of Vvardenfell textures
- Olaf and Vidi_Aquam for their hood model
- MisterSmellies for his "OldAnglerfish" mesh
- Team Symphony for their Cephalopod meshes.
- Lucevar: The Merchants of Sadrith Mora
- Mikeandike: Epic Sadrith Mora
- Hlaalu66: Sadrith Mora Expanded
- The Bloodthirsty Crustacean: Sadrith Mora Closed City
- Nonsuch: Portcullis models
- Scogz: for the shack resources
- Markelius: fot the mushroom tree model used for the floating terrace
- Danae: for her containers resources
- Rubberman: for his broken crates resource
- Stav: for the booksets resources
- Melchior Dahrk: for the telvanni trapdoors models
- Izi: some resources
- RealAshstaar for his "Argonian Balancing Plates on Head" model
- darkfri01: mesh optimizaion and some custom models
- Dreamy Dreamers (Tel Eurus) mushroom used for bell tower

- Biont: for the meshes and textures from "Telvanni Bump Maps" to create a "moist" effect
- SenebAnkh-Nelldrak: for their Better Telvanni Crystal textures that I merged in

Signs you have the wrong load order:

-You have a landscape seam near the shipyard => you loaded Shipyards of Vvardenfell after BCOM
-You have a double door at Milara Vedran's House => you loaded Sadrith Mora SOP Base before BCOM 

Have you found a duplicate or misplaced object, incompatibility or even a bug?

Please let me know so that I can fix it!