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Large scale overhaul of Sadrith Mora

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Another one of my overhauls and this is the biggest one to date!
The base idea of the mod is that Sadrith Mora needs to feel big and imposing.

At its core, this a mega-merge of these mods:

- Epic Sadrith Mora
- Sadrith Mora Expanded
- Sadrith Mora Closed City
- Wolverine Hall overhaul
- Wolverine Hall Interior Expansion
- The Merchants of Sadrith Mora
Hospitality papers expanded

All the best mods released for Sadrith Mora, tweaked to work seamlessly together! 

This is of course more than just a simple merge that could be done in 5 minutes and a lot of work has been put into it.

What has been done:

  1. The above mentioned mods have been merged
  2.  Floaters and bleeders have been eliminated and the pathgrid has been fixed.
  3. Every building now has an interior (as of version 2.0)
  4. Sadrith mora closed city effectively makes it impossible to enter Sadrith Mora without going through one of the main doors but this aspect was lost when using Epic Sadrith Mora since the city's footprint is much larger and there were many gaps someone could pass through. I replicated the feeling of a truly closed city by placing roots and rocks where necessary. To achieve a more natural result the than original mod, I used some rock models from Tamriel Rebuilt that were actually made to create enclosed areas and high cliffs.
  5. Epic Sadrith Mora has been completely reworked and dramatically toned down, to the point that as of version 3.0 I can say it feel like something that served as an inspiration rather than a core part of the mod.
  6. The area just outside of the Wolverine Hall has been decluttered and brought back to how it was in vanilla
  7. I managed to merge Wolverine Hall interior expansion and Wolverine Hall overhaul to get both the more logical layout of Wolverine Hall overhaul and some of the cozy interiors of Wolverine Hall interior expansion (from Wolverine Hall expanded I only kept the mages guild and imperial shrine interiors)
  8. Wolverine hall overhaul has been heavily tweaked: signs have been placed outside of the guilds (this was maybe an oversight in the original mod?), I fixed a little bug mentioned in the comment section about an npc spawning in the middle of a static and the courtyard has been cluttered more as I felt it was a bit empty. The Wolverine Hall has also been made easier and faster to navigate.
  9. More importantly, the Wolverine Hall has been phisically separated from Sadrith Mora.
    In vanilla, there's no landscape separation between the Wolverine Hall and Sadrith Mora.
    This would maye not be an issue by iteslf, but when you notice where the bridge is placed, a closer inspection will reveal that the design is absolutely illogical.
    Why would you build a bridge to connect the main fort to the land if the fort is already connected to it from the other side? 
    Separating the Wolverine Hall also makes the it less claustrophobic, something that was very needed since the mod adds a lot of buildings.
    Separating the WH is also in line with the idea of SM being a closed city.

  10. Merchants of Sadrith Mora has been left mostly intact but two interiors have been relocated to two of the many empty buildings placed by Epic Sadrith Mora.
  11. The fort now has a portcullis (from this mod)
  12. Various ground seams have been fixed
  13. Hospitaly papers expanded has been left untouched but has been added for an easier installation and becasue it's part of the idea of the mod, which is to bring Sadrith Mora close to what I feel should have been in the base game.

All of this should hopefully provide the best Sadrith Mora/ Wolverine Hall experience for those who like to run a heavily modded install.

I hope you enjoy the mod!

And so, it seems that modding, much like many things in life, is a circular journey.
You end up getting back to where you started (kind of...).
With this update, there's now 3 versions available:

Base version: the base mod, full of pods and super dense. It's how the mod has been since version 1.0. 

- Semi-purist version: I dramatically retracted the expansion of Sadrith Mora, cutting roughly 40% of the new pods and cluttering.
Alongside with this, I removed almost all the port clutter and replaced the wall of menhirs on the shoreline with cliff models from TR (they still block the player from easily enter Sadrith Mora but they don’t block the view).
As a result:
1. The atmosphere feels a more open, relaxed and less claustrophobic
2.  Performance is much better

- Purist version: completely removed the floating/upper distric and the plantation.

- Purist version - Open City: Removed every funcionality related to Sadrith Mora Closed city so in this version SM works as an open city again. The city is still more enclosed by natural berriers and HP Expanded is still included.

I released this mod in August 2020 but I had it on my hard drive for at least a couple of years. Chronologically, this is one of the first town overhauls I made.
Despite being much cleaner and and better than the sum of the its parts, I still feel like the base version of this mod was overdone.
The purist version is effectively a different mod and it's what I personally recommend.
It's smaller in scope and less trasformative as it aims to be Vanilla+ rather than a re-imagine of Sadrith Mora.
Even after deleting so many things from the base mod, you still get
- A closed city like the lore suggests (the implementation is much better than Sadrith Mora Closed city due to the fact that I used a different approach with more lanscape edits and custom assets)

- More shops and pods
- An improved port
- Improved landscaping
- An overhauled Wolverine Hall

Obiousely, this version also runs much better in terms of FPS.

This is a growing set of patches for this mod. Currentyl available ones include:

- Well Diversified
- Rise of House Telvanni
- Glow In the Dahrk - Telvanni Dormers Addon
- Yet Another Guard Diversity
*Full cephalopod
* RR better cephalopod
- Cephalopod armor patch (for people not using YAGD): both danke and RR version
- RR better ships and boats
- Mora Stada
- Aesthesia groundcover
- Muspila groundcover
- Remiros groundcover doesn't need to be patched


Luce's Misc Mods and Patches: specifically, the children of morrowind esp if you'using that mod.

Please notice that apart from what's stated in the permission tab (which is a bit limited, expecially for a mega-merge like this one) you can't use anything that was part of Hospitality Papers Expanded in mods that restrict permissions any further than what's stated on the page.