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A Telvanni Mushroom Player House grown on the back of a Silt Strider in the Azura's Coast Region south of Wolverine Hall.

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A Telvanni Mushroom House grown on the back of a Silt Strider by powerful but now deceased wizard. The house needs a new owner.

The features of this mod include:
  • A unique crafted home with stunning views of Sadrith Mora.
  • Comes with a bedroom, bathroom and storage room.
  • Loads of storage chests and urns.
  • Cleaned with TESAME.

Features introduced in version 1.2: 
  • Working bath that fills and drains with water.
  • One Mannequin to display your finest armour.
  • A Bug Keeper NPC offering repairs, barter and some training - with his own cottage and background dialogue.
  • Feeding and Water troughs for the Silt Strider.
  • A Pier that weaves between the standing rocks of Azura's Coast Region.
  • Mod Manager friendly file structure for installation with Wrye Mash, or Vortex etc.

Features introduced in version 1.3:
  • A Secret Room, and a carelessly left riddle to help you find and open it.
  • A teleport Ring - Return home from across Vvardenfell!
  • An Journeyman alchemy set - with an Ingredient sorter.
  • The boat moored at the pier will now transport you to Sadrith Mora Port - ring the Ferry Chines nearby to use.
  • A Morrowind Rebirth compatible version available (1.3 only).

New features in version 1.4:
  • Employ two guards to patrol the grounds around the Silt Strider - both with background dialogue - talk to the Bug Keeper to hire.

 Morrowind Modding Showcase for version 1.1 by Dark Elf Guy: 

If you have any suggestions for future versions - please post them in the comments section here at the Morrowind Nexus.

Screenshots taken with the Morrowind Graphic and Sound Overhaul (MSGO) installed.