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A Telvanni Mushroom Player House grown on the back of a Silt Strider in the Azura's Coast Region south of Wolverine Hall.

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A Telvanni Mushroom House grown on the back of a Silt Strider by powerful but now decreased wizard. The house needs a new owner.

The features of this mod include:
  • A unique crafted home with stunning views of Sadrith Mora.
  • Comes with a bedroom, bathroom and storage room.
  • Loads of storage chests and urns.
  • Cleaned with TESAME.

New features in version 1.2:
  • Working bath that fills and drains with water.
  • One Mannequin to display your finest armour.
  • NPC offering repairs, barter and some training - with his own cottage and background dialogue.
  • Feeding and Water troughs for the Silt Strider.
  • A Pier that weaves between the standing rocks of Azura's Coast Region.
  • Compatible file structure for installation with Wrye Mash, and other Mod Managers.

New features in version 1.3:
  • A Secret Room, and a carelessly left riddle to help you find and open it.
  • A teleport Ring - Return home from across Vvardenfell!
  • An Journeyman alchemy set - with an Ingredient sorter.
  • The boat moored at the pier will now transport you to Sadrith Mora Port - ring the Ferry Chines nearby to use.
  • A Morrowind Rebirth compatible version available.

 Morrowind Modding Showcase for version 1.1 by Dark Elf Guy: 

If you have any suggestions for future versions - please post them in the comments section here at the Morrowind Nexus, or message me on the Morrowind Modding Community Discord.

Screenshots taken with the Morrowind Graphic and Sound Overhaul (MSGO) installed.