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MWSE-lua overhaul of trade system with new gameplay and UI functionality for Mercantile skill

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Frankly speaking, vanilla Morrowind trading system is a mess. Mercants can be persuaded to agree to the disadvatageous deals, allowing the
player to make money out of thin air. Reducing disposition can lead to getting more profits, while selling items. The way mercants always know
when you have skooma doesn't make any sense, and neither does instant restock mechanics. Functionality of the Mercantile skill leaves a lot to be desired as well.


This mod is a MWSE-lua pluginless overhaul of the trade system. Additionaly, it adds new gameplay functionality and User Interface features to Mercantile skill, making it much more interesting. While in general gameplay becomes more difficult and it's harder to become rich from the beginning of the game, those, who are experienced in the mercantile skill, can actually earn money via trade in an immersive, non-exploitable way. And true masters of trade can use it as a new way for solving quests without violence. Here is the the list of the features of the mod.

  • Base pricing mechanic is based on the one from HardTrade and 4NM mod with slight improvements. Traders will always sell items for more or equal their value and buy for less or equal. Raising Personality, Mercantile, Disposition and rank in the trader's faction, as well as taking advantage of traders specialization can lead to more generous offers, though no amount of bargaining will lead to unprofitable deal for a trader.
  • Regional pricing. Cost of the goods is no more set in stone throughout whole Vvardenfell, but vary due to supply and demand, with regards to geography, flora, fauna, political affilation and development of the region. Regions from TR are currently not included. Howeve, goods from Tamriel Data and OAAB are accounted for.
  • Value estimate. Those who have no mercantile skill lack the ability to estimate prices of the goods and distinguish valuebles from trash, while seasoned merchants are aware of regional pricing and can get profit, buying where the goods are cheaper and selling them where the demand is higher. Item tooltips represent your knowledge of prices, depending on your mercantile skill.
  • Mercants specialization. Mercants, trading in narrow assortment of goods, like Smiths or Alchemists will buy and sell items of their interest more eagerly. Pawnbrokers sell used items, so all of them are going to be damaged to some extent.
  • Forbidden goods. Skooma, moonsugar, raw ebony, raw glass and dwemer items are forbidden for trade. However, instead of Service Refusal mechanics, which prevents any Barter as long as you have one of such items, merchants will refuse to buy them and alarm the guards only when you make a direct proposition. When the guards arrest you, they will confiscate all the forbidden goods as well as stolen ones.
  • Illicit Trade. Some merchants are not so law obedient. Smugglers, Members of Thief Guild and Camonna Tong and those who has Alarm value ofzero will still buy contraband goods from you.
  • Goods restock. Instead of immediately restocking, every item with negative quantity restocks after some time, configurable in the MCM. Random lists in containers are resolved anew after each restock, adding more variety. Restocks from organic containers are accounted for as well and take the same amount of time. An optional feature makes traders get rid of the items you sell them on every restock. Pawnbrokers, however, will keep your items anyway.
  • Investment. Mercantile experts can give some money to to the traders in order to stimulate their buisness. Investment increases trader's base gold and the quantity of goods they restock.
  • Offer of the lifetime. True master of trade can convince anybody to barter anything. This feature unlocks the ability to barter with every npc, not
  • just mercants, buying even currently equipped weapons and jewelry. While npcs who are not actually mercants won't have any barter gold, this feature creates an alternative approach to completion of some quests as well as more possibilities for non violent gameplay.

These features are fully customizable in the MCM, it's possible to enable most of them at a specific level of Mercantile skill.

Default Settings

While you are free to customize the features as you see fit, I'd recommend you to try the default setting. With them the mechanics of the mod are adjusted to behave similar to perks from TES 4 Oblivion.

  • Novice (0-24 Mercantile): No UI for item value.
  • Apprentice (25-49 Mercantile): UI for item value is visible. You can get better prices from specialized traders.
  • Journeyman (50-74 Mercantile): UI for item value show regional pricing. You get better prices buying goods where supply is high and selling them where it is low.
  • Master (75-99 Mercantile): Investment menu is unlocked.
  • Grandmaster (100+ Mercantile): Ability to barter with every npc and buy their currently equipped weapons and jewelry is unlocked.

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