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MWSE-lua mod, which fixes gameplay and interface inconsistencies in alchemy menu, provides it with built-in effect filter and implements Skyrim-like system for remembering ingredient effects.

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Different parts of Morrowind Alchemy GUI do not interact well with each other. It reveals information which is not supposed to be revealed, hides the information that should be shown and in general is really inconvinient to use.
While the number of effects shown in ingredient tooltip depends on your alchemy skill, Created Effects table, reveals the common effects of the ingredients, regardless of it. Autocomplition in Potion Name can be a huge spoiler as well. However, even after you've made a potion with some effects, knowledge of them isn't represented in the ingredient tooltips. There are no utilities like an alchemy filter, moreover, due to previous concerns, implementing one can be an untrivial task.


This mod mods fixes all these issues and makes alchemy interface and gameplay much more consistent via these features:

  • Added a new mechanic for remembering ingredients effects, based on the one from TES V Skyrim. You can learn the first effect of any ingredient by eating it and when you successfully create a potion, its effects will be revealed in all its ingredients. This mechanics doesn't substitute the existent one, but compliments it, so that now you will be able to reveal the effects of the ingredient by both theoretical knowledge (alchemy skill) and practical experimentations. MCM allows to easily modify the GMST, responsible for the number of ingredients effects shown due to alchemy skill.
  • Created Effects field is removed from the Alchemy Menu. Instead there is a new window, which shows the last created potion, allowing to inspect its effects. This way you'll know the hidden effects of ingredients only after you've managed to brew a potion.
  • New in 1.2 Potion Name field is reworked. Now it allows formating, replacing %E with the first effect of the brewed potion. This way it's both convinient to use and not revealing effects beforehand.
  • Freed space in the menu is filled with a convinient alchemy filter, consistent with your knowledge of the ingredient effects.
  • Added mechanic for inedible ingredients. Such ingredients can't be directly consumed. By default includes minerals and metals from vanilla, OAAB and Tamriel Data. You may edit which of the ingredients are considered inedible in the MCM
  • Added mechanic for considering ingredients similar. It makes such ingredients as normal and cursed ebony behave as the same ingredient for the sake of alchemy, preventing brewing potion from both of them at the same time. Ingredients are considered similar if they have exactly the same effects and either same name or same icon. There are also some exceptions like kwama eggs and corprus meat husks. Check config.lua for more info.

Requirements and recomendations

  • Alchemical Knowledge requires the latest version of MWSE to work correctly, so make sure you updated it.
  • Consider using MCP and it's Healthy Appetite option as Alchemical Knowledge is made with it in mind.
  • I also highly recommend using UI Expansion to unrestrict your knowledge of self-made potion effects from your alchemy skill.

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