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Wares gives traders more Wares (duh). Includes Wares from other mods (such as Tamriel Rebuilt). Includes traders in the Mainland.

Permissions and credits

(And Heir apparent to Helluva Merchant Containers)

Use Wares Ultimate instead.

UPDATE 2.2 The DRIP update
- add 6th house list to high-level 6th house creatures
- removed unique arrow from arrow list
Drip integrations for:
- Wulgar rings
-Triss armour
- Crimson Wire
- Scissors and Thimbles
- House of Spears
- Danke's armour
- Eyren
- Elynda's winterwear
- Weapons and Armor Diversity Overhaul
- Pirate Outfit by Mantodea

NEW You can make any mod work with Wares with WARESIFIER. Just drop your plugin on the webpage and let Warsifier give more wares to all the traders in your mod and give wares items to npcs.
It does not add items from your mod to Wares lists, sadly this still needs to be done manually)

The goal of Wares is to improve the shopping experience and the overall coherence of shops
  • more items available (usually about 10)
  • all trader types covered (including Strongholds)
  • logical ware distribution  (the Imperal Cult won't sell weapons, te Legion will sell more weapons, etc)
  • mod integration:
- TR wares available on the mainland (within reason)
- TR traders now haves more wares including vanilla and modded any mod aware of wares  (see list of recommended mods)

Most service npcs on Vvardenfell and on the Mainland are given more wares to sell based on the shop type.
  • Alchemists and Apothecary service: ingredients, potions, apparatus
  • Bookseller: books and guides
  • Healer Service: restorative and curative potions
  • Priest Service:  fortifying and resistance potions
  • Wise Woman Service: potions and local plants
  • Assassin Service: throwing weapons and ammo
  • Clothier: clothing and jewellery
  • Enchanter Service: common enchanted items
  • Publican Service: food ingredients
  • Savant Service: books (guides)
  • Smith Service: weapons, armour, repair items
  • Thief Service: picks and probes
  • Trader Service: weapons, armour, clothing, ingredients, potions
  • Pawnbroker Service: weapons, armour, clothing, some enchanted items
  • the stocks do get renewed eventually but not instantly
  • service npcs have between 10-20 new items overall
  • The Wares containers are invisible
  • Vanilla lists and traders are untouched

Either drop the esp of your choice in your Data Files folder or use your preferred mod installer.
Wares-Vvardenfell gives Wares to traders in Vvardenfell
Wares-TR does the same for traders from Tamriel Rebuilt
Wares-MOAR is an addon for either, it doubles the amount of items traders have.
Wares-DATA can be used with Wares-Vvardenfell if you want TR items but not the actual landmass.

Compatible with OpenMW and Morrowind Rebirth

--------------- MERGE YOUR LISTS AND OBJECTS  (tes3cmd 0.37 or Mashed Lists---------------


For those who don't know about it, Mlox is a simple program that will sort your load order. 
This is an addon to the list of Mlox rules, maintained by Abot, Danae, Lucevar and RandomPal. It has a ton of rules and will fix countless issues for you in just one click.

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Byblos for the original mod idea
Sandman for Helluva Merchant Containers that inspired me to morph Wares into what it has become
Special thanks to everyone who reported issues, especially Eddie, you're a prince!
Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.