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Adds wares to many traders based on their class.
Wares are from vanilla levelled lists and TR_Data
Items not included are: scripted, unique, top-tier and quest items

Permissions and credits
- adds a Vvardenfell only plugin without TR dependancy
- adds TR decorative miscellanious items

Most service npcs on Vvardenfell and on the Mainland are given more wares to sell based on the shop type.
  • Alchemists and Apothecary service: ingredients, potions, apparatus
  • Healer Service: restorative and curative potions
  • Priest Service:  fortifying and resistance potions
  • Wise Woman Service: potions and local plants
  • Assassin Service: throwing weapons and ammo
  • Clothier: clothing and jewellery
  • Enchanter Service: common enchanted items
  • Publican Service: food ingredients
  • Savant Service: books (guides)
  • Smith Service: weapons, armour, repair items
  • Thief Service: picks and probes
  • Trader Service: weapons, armour, clothings, ingredients, potions
  • Pawnbroker Service: weapons, armour, clothing, some enchanted items
  • the stocks do get renewed eventually but not instantly
  • service npcs have between 10-20 new items overall
  • TR items are not as common as vamilla items

For those of you who know Byblos' Traders 300, here's a list of what I've done differently
  • re-worked the levelled lists and added TR items
  • reduced the amount of wares for some traders
  • gave wares to many traders that had none (Telvanni Cities, Vivec, and a few other locations)
  • gave wares to other trader types (Traders covered traders, smithes, alchemists and and enchanters only)
  • removed the negative quantities
  • the crates are now hidden to ensure compatibility with any mod

This mod consist of a single esp,
Either drop the esp of your choice in your Data FIles folder or use your prefered mod installer.
Requires Tamriel Rebuilt

If you are not using Tamriel Rebuilt, Byblos's mods Traders300 mostly does the same as this mod (see differences above)

Compatible with OpenMW and Morrowind Rebirth

The following mods add items to the vanilla lists and so by extention to Wares as well:
  • OAAB_Data + OAAB_levelled_lists (from OAAB_Integrations) : beautiful and lore-friendly item additions
  • Weapons and Armor Diversity Overhaul: Many of Morrowind's original weapons and armor will have several parallel tiers added to the game. Works best if you use pluginless weapon and armor replacers.
  • Enhanced Economics: very large addition of items BUT not particularly  lore-friendly and not very balanced.
I'd also recommend my own mods to add more variery to shops:

  • Version 1.0
  • Originla release
Byblos for the original mod idea
Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.