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MWSE lua mod, which imposes configurable skill caps for major, minor and misc skills, making the class choice more important and motivating to stay faithful to it.

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In theory Morrowind Class System provides us with various roleplay possibilities, options and limitations. But in practice, your class choice doesn't even matter that much, as eventually your character will achieve mastery in every trade.

This issue affects every part of the game. Instead of making every playthrough distinctive by challenging the player to solve the problems in the way specific to the chosen class, it creates mostly the same experience with an abundance of resources and not much of a challenge.


This mod is one of my attempts to fix the Morrowind Class System, specifically adressing the second part of the game and the Skill Limits. Now, instead of being able to raise all the skills up to 100, your skill caps will depend on your class choice. Custom classes are fully supported. Values of the caps are configurable via MCM. Racial bonuses play their role as well, increasing the cap for a corresponding skill on their value.

As this mod imposes its own way to cap skills, you may want to use in in conjunction with MCP option Skill uncap. It will allow you to raise some of your major skills up to 115.

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