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MWSE-lua mod, which enhances speechcraft skill via new gameplay mechanics and UI elements.

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While Morrowind Speechcraft system provides multiple distinct options, they are not integrated into the gameplay quite well. Taunting is pretty overpowered, so that there is a mod to remove it from the game all together. While Intimidation is interesting in theory, lacking UI makes it unclear that it actually affects npcs willingness to fight you. And there is not much point in decreasing npcs Fight if you can't do it with your enemies. Bribing lacks any interesting synergies with crime system.


This MWSE-lua mod enhances speechcraft via several new features, making the skill more interesting.

  • Cold reading. During the conversations with the npcs, you can see their Fight and Alarm and the way they change, due to your actions, similarly to the Disposition UI bar.
  • Buying the witnesses. Successful bribes decrease Alarm of npcs, motivating them to look the other way if you commit a crime.
  • Alms giving. Paupers will accept bribes more eagerly.
  • Officers of the law. Bribing guards is now illegal. They are less susceptible to bribes and a failed attempt will result in your arrest.
  • Combat Persuasion. It's now possible to start conversation with hostile npcs if they are not currently attacking you. This makes Intimidation usefull even without Illusion magic

These features are fully customizable in the MCM, it's possible to enable most of them at a specific level of Speechcraft skill. Different Persuasion
options such as Admire, Intimidate, Taunt as well as seeing Disposition bar, can be locked under a skill cap as well.

Default Settings

While you are free to customize new and old speechcraft features as you see fit, I'd recommend you to try the default setting. With them the mechanics of the mod are adjusted to behave similar to perks from TES 4 Oblivion.

  • Novice (0-24 Speechcraft): No UI elements are visible. Only persuasion option is bribe.
  • Apprentice (25-49 Speechcraft): Disposition UI bar is visible. Admire is unlocked.
  • Journeyman (50-74 Speechcraft): Disposition and Fight UI bars are visible. Intimidate and Taunt are unlocked.
  • Master (75-99 Speechcraft): Disposition, Fight and Alarm UI bars are visible. Successful bribes decrease Alarm.
  • Grandmaster (100+ Speechcraft): Disposition, Fight and Alarm UI bars are visible. Can start conversations with hostile npcs.

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