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MWSE-lua mod which modifies critical strike coefficient depending on the weapon you use.

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In vanilla Morrowind spears and battle axes are much more suited for an assassin character than daggers as they are more likely to kill an enemy with one strike.  This was adressed in Oblivion and Skyrim by making long and heavy weapon less suitable for critical strikes. This mod does the same.


Critical strike modifier scales depending on the weapon speed stat. Credit for this idea goes to R-Zero and his mod Lucky Strike. MCM allows to adjust the values a bit. With default settings instead of plain 4-x critical damage for all the weapons we get:

Daggers: 7-x
Tantos and Wakizashis: 6-x
Hand to Hand and Short Swords: 5-x
Staffs: 4-x
Katanas and Clubs: 3-x
Long Swords: 2.4-x
Maces: 2.2-x
Axes and Claymores: 2-x
Marksman: 2-x
Battle Axes and Battle Hammers: 1-x

Marksman Critical Damage

Vanilla Morrowind doesn't allow Marksman weapon to deal critical damage so I've recreated this mechanics from scratch.

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