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Makes locks and traps detection a random chance based on the player's Security skill. Requires lates version of MWSE.

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Locks and Traps Detection

Locks and Traps Detection is a pure-lua mod allowing the player to have a chance to successfully detect traps and locks based on their security skill and relevant attributes, with a formula similar to the vanilla game.

This is a fork of Skill-Based Trap Detection mod by AdituV. Most credits go to the author of the original mod. Without her clearly written code I wouldn't be able to implement this.


All Lua code in this mod is licensed under the 3-Clause BSD License, a copy of which is found in
the file "Skill-based Detect Trap - LICENSE.txt".


  • Morrowind Code Patch - in particular, the "Traps hidden" and "Locks hidden" options under "Game Mechanics"
  • MWSE 2.1


Install as normal with a mod manager of your choice, or extract the files directly to Data Files.  The usual.


Detection mechanics works simularly to Skill-Based Trap Detection, however, there are a few new features added:

  • Lock detection. It's generally easier than spottiong a trap but you don't always get to know lock level with certanity. Trying to pick a lock allows you to correct your estimate.
  • Extra information for the traps. Being really good in trap detection allows you to figure out the first effect of the trap.
  • Clearer interface. You don't get "Untrapped" or "???" messages on every container and door. Black and white lists are not necessary anymore. Instead you simply get the "Trapped" message when you managed to find a trap and no message when there is no trap or you failed to spot one. "Untrapped" is showed only for the objects that had traps on them but were disarmed or triggered. Similarly with the locks. 
  • Key Only mechanics. Just as in later TES games you may now create locks which can't be openned by any means other than keys. Feel free to use them in your quest mods. To make an unpickable lock simply make the lock level of you chest or door 0 in CS.
  • Full compatibility with Visually Trapped Objects by Anumaril. With the usage of his code, extra option is added to the MCM menu, to display enchantment of the trap on any trap detection.
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