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MWSE lua mod, which changes the distribution of starting spells and gives its own list of them for every class, depending on the its central theme. Requires Magicka Expanded.

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In theory Morrowind Class System provides us with various roleplay possibilities, options and limitations. But in practice, your class choice doesn't even matter that much. Whether you've chosen a Battlemage or a Nightblade, your experience won't be much different as even from the beggining of the game you'll use mostly the same spells.


This mod is one of my attempts to fix the issues with Morrowind Class System, specifically adressing the first part of the game and the starting spells. Every default class, for everty magic college in minor or major skills, gets up to three spells of this college. The spells are closely intertwined with class description and main vibe and represent relevant class abilities. The amount of spells player gets depends on the initial values of the skill with respect to race and can be tweaked in the MCM. Default settings allows to always get one spell for a minor magic skill with no extra proficiencies.
This makes the beginning of the game much more interesting. The chosen class feels like a coherent professions with its unique features, unlike vanilla game, where its more like a random set of poorly distinctible abilities.

Custom Classes

While this mod is mostly made with default classes in mind, it supports mod added and custom classes as well. When you pick or create a non-default class, you'll get the spell list of a default one with the same primary attributes. If you've taken Luck as your primary attribute, you'll get a spell list, based on your specialization.

The best way to play with a custom class, would be to base it on a default one and make minor changes to it. Change the specialization and/or replace some of the skills. As long as your changes are not too dramatic, your spells will feel personalized even for the custom class. For example you can make a variant Barbarian, that summons axe and fortifies strength, or a variant Monk, that can make special melee attacks to damage fatigue and disarm enemies.

Magicka Expanded Packages

This mod requires Magicka Expanded for the purposes of spell creation and utilities. For the minimum functionality you need to install only the Core Pack. However, Class Starting Spells also has integrated support for Lore Friedly Pack, Cortex Pack and Enhanced Detection and are highly recommended to be used together. If they are installed, some of the effects from these packs will be used for the starting spells of the appropriate classes.

Other Recommendations

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