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MWSE-lua mod which makes armor contribute to player and npcs evasion modifier as well as allows evading attacks to practice unarmored and light armor skills.

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While reading books related to light armor and unarmored skills, like The Rear Guard or The Wraith's Wedding Dowry, you may notice that these skills are supposed to help you evade attacks rather then withstand them. However, it's not how it works in game itself, where all armor skills simply decrease damage you get from attacks and there is no real differences between them.


This MWSE-lua mod makes armor that player and npcs wear contribute to their evasion modifier, depending on the coresponding skills, which creates a new gameplay distinction between armor skills:

skill is fully focused on evading attacks. It gives the best evasion modifier: from 2 to 40 with default settings, but provides no defence if the attack connects. You get experience to this skill by dodging attacks while not wearing armor, rather then getting hit.
Light Armour provides poor defence but shackles you movements just a little. While beginners in this skill will still suffer small penalties, seasoned users can effectively use light armor to increase their evasion. With default settings your evasion scales from -12 to 26. You practice this skill both by evading attacks, while
wearing light armor, and by getting hit, however the rate of experience gain is decreased twofold.
Medium Armor
provides solid defence but is pretty restrictive. While experts of this skill can evenboost their evasion a little, most of the time wearing medium armor will negatively affect your evasion modifier: from -26 to 12 with default settings. 
Heavy Armor skill is fully focused on withstanding attacks. It can provide a lot of protection, but trying to evade attacks, while wearing heavy armor is probably a bad idea. It effect on evasion modifier scales from -40 to -2.

Larger armor parts contribute more to your evasion modifier and experience gain. MCM allows to customize both the absolute value of evasion provided by armor or its absence and the relative difference between heavier types of armor. There is also an option to restore armor bonus from Unarmored skill, though I'd recommend against it.

This mod should be compatible with hit-chance modificating mods as long as they don't neglect sanctuary effect.

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