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Expands UI functionality with searching, filtering, and more visual feedback.

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UI Expansion
MWSE-Lua mod

UI Extensions provides many additional UI elements, designed to provide a more functional user experience.

Additional features can be found on the beta version, over on the GitHub mirror.

Requirements & Installation:
This mod uses the alpha and thus experimental and not necessarily stable 2.1-branch of MWSE, currently in development. By using this mod, you're basically asking to be a tester! If you encounter any issues please post a report, ideally on the MWSE bug tracker. You can download the latest nightly build from the link below.

This mod requires Morrowind Graphic Extender (MGE-XE) version 0.10.1. Older versions will not work with MWSE 2.0+! Additionally, it will require the latest nightly build of MWSE 2.1.

To install the mod, extract the archive into your Data Files folder. There is no ESP to activate.

  • Searchable and filterable UI panels. This includes the inventory, spell list, containers, merchants, and item select panes (e.g. ingredient selection). The spells list can be filtered by spell school.
  • Searching for a spell will activate the first result. This can be disabled in the Mod Config Menu.
  • Entering the menus can auto-select either the inventory or magic search bars. This can be changed, or disabled, in the Mod Config Menu.
  • New inventory, container, and barter tab options for a better organized inventory. Ingredients are segregated out, and consumables and tools have their own tabs.
  • A more compact inventory top bar can be enabled in the Mod Config Menu.
  • When selling to a merchant, a new inventory tab is displayed, which shows only items that the merchant will buy. This is the default filter when bartering, though this behavior can be disabled in the Mod Config Menu.
  • When searching a container, any active filter is applied when taking items. For example, searching for "sword" and using the take all button will take all swords, not all items in the container. This feature can be disabled in the Mod Config Menu.
  • Hovering over an attribute or skill will display what magic sources contribute to the modified value.
  • Hovering over a faction will display the player's reputation in the faction, as well as the reputation required for the next rank.
  • Dialogue topics are highlighted based on what the player has seen before. Previously viewed entries will be grayed out, while unread entries that are unique to that NPC are highlighted.

  • Main menu buttons are automatically sized and positioned, regardless of actual asset width.
  • Load menu partitions saves by character names.

  • The new ability to execute Lua code from the console.
Planned Features:
  • Filtered load game menu that can filter by character.
  • Effect-focused remaking of the alchemy menu.
  • Quest filtering and searching in the Journal.
  • Expanded world map with togglable features.
  • Equipment comparisons on tooltips.
  • An active list of planned features is maintained here.

  • Programming: NullCascade, Hrnchamd
  • Additional Programming: Petethegoat, Jiopsi
  • Colored Magic School Icons: R-Zero
  • Inventory Filter Icons: Remiros
  • Concepts and Testing: Morrowind Modding Community Discord