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Overhaul that makes every armor have it's own variety of skills that allow for far more unique playstyles.
- Changes are so massive that it's recommended you start from the beginning of the game.

Permissions and credits
It's highly suggested that you start from the beginning of the game if you use the whole modpack.
(Wallpaper Credits: Reddit)

Basically, the main feature of this mod makes it so that the skills of the armor set actually match the monster that the armor comes from.
This means that for example, Diablos has Marathon Runner and Slugger. This ENTIRE mod by the way only affects High Rank and Master Rank, Low Rank armors are not changed just because I didn't really want to. Additionally, armor sets that aren't monster-based (like Azure Age/Starlord), don't have any changed skills but they have lost their set bonuses, at least most of them have.

This entire mod uses Artful's Monster Hunter World II as a base, so install Artful's mod then install this mod and replace the files that are in Artful's mod.

This is an example of the Azure Rathalos High Rank (ALPHA) set:

This mod is meant to encourage players to branch out into different playstyles by making every monster’s armor completely unique from one another, picking an armor set that best suits the way that they want to play. I want the players to stick to wearing full sets. Because of this, high-rank armors and master-rank armors have very strong set bonuses that all require 5 pieces to wear, elder dragon armor sets can only be worn in full sets, and Master Rank armor sets can only be worn in full sets. This also makes all the armor in the game consistent, especially with the set bonuses that are based on the monster-type now. Additionally, Alpha and Beta armor sets now have very small difference gameplay-wise.
- All Alpha sets have Attack Boost Lvl 5
- All Beta sets have Defense Boost Lvl 5
Besides the two skills above, Alpha and Beta armor sets have no differences when it comes to gameplay. The point of this change is to allow the player to either prioritize being tankier or dealing more damage, giving them more options when picking an armor set that they are interested in. However, both Attack Boost and Defense Boost have been nerfed to compensate getting Lvl5 for free without the need of any charms or decorations. Attack Boost no longer gives Affinity and has lower attack values, Defense Boost no longer gives elemental resistances and also has lower defense values. If this seems broken or underpowered, do keep in mind that this uses Artful's Monster Hunter World II as a base, so the monsters are already far stronger than their normal variants. Additionally, this mod was also balanced around using NG Plus - Enhanced Monster AI Overhaul. So the players also have to be rebalanced to fit the new monster changes.

Master Rank sets are meant to be the same as the High Rank sets(skills-wise) but with more skills added ON top of the skills that were already there.
"Forge Full Armor Sets" has been renamed to "Mastery/Ascension" to basically sell to the player that it is now only used for Master Rank armors and Elder Dragons. Master Rank armor sets that aren't based on LARGE monsters have been removed from the game, only being accessible as Layered Armor from now on. The only exceptions to this rule are Ingot, Leather, Guildwork, and Black Belt. The Dober Set, Death Stench Set, and Dragonking Eyepatch were all removed from the game entirely in High Rank, only being available as layered armor.

"But what if I'm playing single-player?!" Don't worry, you can still be a Tank and win in a hunt solo, everyone now deals decent damage without having to minmax as much crit and attack damage as possible (if you use the optional weapon changes), but of course someone who is going full DPS will always out-damage you, but keep in mind that DPS players will also be complete glass cannons most of the time. causing them to get one shot by almost every monster pretty easily.

This mod removes the complete flexibility when it comes to decorations, and instead focuses on making the builds focused on playstyle rather than having everyone try to achieve as much damage as possible. (im explaining this so poorly lmao) but I'll give an example.
- Brute Wyverns give you a set bonus called "Brute Inheritance". This gives the player Divine Blessing Lv3 and Flinch Free Lv3, so this is obviously meant to be used for players that want to assume the "tank role" of the party. 
- However, decorations on all armors that aren't Arch-Tempered have been removed. Instead, almost every armor set will give you a small-medium range of skills that are all fully maxed out by default or close to maxed out when you wear the full set. Decorations can still be applied to charms though.
⤷ (On an additional note Gamma sets are now Master Rank. So I suggest you use MHW Endgame Extended to get some master rank quests for Arch-Tempered monsters.)

All set bonuses that aren't on Elder Dragon armors have been removed, with 1 brand new Set Bonus being added, and 2 Set Bonuses being functionally changed.
Sizzling Blessing -> Flying Inheritance
Joyful Blessing -> Fanged Inheritance

NEW!: Brute Inheritance

"Flying Inheritance" is the set bonus that is applied to Flying Wyvern armor. This is not to be confused with BIRD Wyvern armors, because Bird Wyverns do not have this set bonus. Flying Inheritance allows the player to use any of these skills: Elemental Airborne(no longer a set bonus), Jump Master, Master Mounter, Leap of Faith, Airborne, and Safe Landing. These skills are only on the legs armor piece for every Flying Wyvern set. These skills can also be obtained through decorations, weapons, and charms, but these won't be usable unless you are wearing a full Flying Wyvern Set.

"Fanged Inheritance" is the set bonus that is applied to Fanged Wyvern armor. The Critical Eye skill now has a Secret, which locks Lv5, 6, and 7 behind Fanged Inheritance. So players that want to achieve a critical chance build will now have to fully dive into a DPS role, limiting their other options. Especially because Attack Boost Lvl1 and Expert Lvl1 decorations are removed.

When it comes to subspecies armors, the subspecies of the monster copies the skills of the original but with 1-2 replaced skills. For example, Diablos has Tremor Resistance, while Black Diablos has Iron Skin instead. Most of the time, the subspecies armor is not "just better" than the original, it just has a slight change for taste.

All weapons in the mod have been superbuffed to compete with the buffed monsters form the AI mod and Artful's MHW. For example: HH using double speed boost is far faster than the running speed(which has been massively increased in itself) and HH healing is stronger, this mod uses the moveset and some balancing from Rose Style - Switch Axe Redone which heavily boosts it's capabilities, Dual Blades don't continuously drain stamina when in Demon Mode, Gunlance shellings deal 100% of weapon damage and Fullburst has a 10% damage increase, Longsword counter no longer takes stamina and can be used with 50% of spirit gauge, Light Bowguns now have innate elements (for example Rathalos LBG applies fire element damage and effects to all bullets), and that's just to name some of the big changes. I HIGHLY suggest that you not only start from the beginning of the game, but also that you try a new weapon that you haven't taken seriously yet, for real. Velindian's weapon changes go so well with the modpack and make everything feel far more complex.
Of course however, if you know what Artful's mod does, you know that it removes tenderizing completely, but makes Clutch Claw weapon attacks guarantee a slinger ammo drop every time. The weapon buffs are meant to equalize the loss of tenderizing. I also doubled the range of Clutch Claw so that it feels more worth using, and stamina is no longer drained over-time while clutched onto a monster. 
- Additionally, MANY weapons have received jumping attacks that can be used while grounded (Velindian and Tixlssence did this, not me). These weapons include: Switch Axe, Sword and Shield, Hammer, Insect Glaive, Greatsword, Longsword, and Bow.

I made a bunch of personal changes to Gunlance outside of Velindian's mod, so I will list them here:
  • Normal: Quick Shot takes no sharpness, Charged Shell takes double sharpness than normal, and Fullburst take away Sharpness, Wyvernfire and Normal Wyrmstake no longer consume sharpness.

  • Long: Quick Shot takes sharpness, Charged Shell takes no sharpness, Fullburst takes away double sharpness, Wyvernfire and Normal Wyrmstake takes no sharpness.

  • Wide: Quick Shot takes double sharpness, Charged Shell takes double sharpness, Fullburst takes away no sharpness, Wyvernfire takes HELLA sharpness, Normal Wyrmstake takes away Sharpness.
  • Slinger Wyrmstake duration reduced to five seconds, but the duration of it is doubled for every pod that you have, encouraging using Slinger Capacity Up.
  • I made shellings deal 100% of weapon damage rather than the normal only 67%.
  • Ally attacks can trigger Wyvernstake explosions when hitting the bomb, Shelling explosions with Slinger Wyrmstake deal damage, Charged Shelling explosions with Slinger Wyrmstake deal damage, Wyvernfire cooldown increased from 120 -> 200, Fullburst damage increased to 75%, removed damage debuff during Wyvernfire cooldown, halved recoil on Charged Shots, Slinger Wyrmstake takes hella sharpness when first put in.

Putting moveset and actual weapon mechanic changes to the side, the weapon trees & augments are also heavily tweaked as well.
  • Weapons no longer carry decorations, if a weapon says it has a decoration when you preview it, that's a visual bug so please don't make it for that reason, you will be disappointed.
  • Defender weapons that are high rank are now unobtainable without reaching Master Rank, to avoid them being used to breeze past the entirety of High Rank and most of Low Rank.
  • Health Regeneration augment has been nerfed to the ground, this is to make Nergigante armor set and Safi'Jiiva set far more valuable and worth, without making the game turn into a healing meta, now this augment is only worth using if you have a healing-based armor set.
  • Critical Chance gain from augments has been nerfed across the board.
  • Attack Damage gain from augments has been nerfed across the board.
  • Defense Augment no longer gives the Divine Blessing effect innately.
  • Decoration Slots augment now requires FAR more augmentation slots to be used at all.
  • Element/Status Augments now require more slots to use.
  • Element/Status Augment Damage has been nerfed across the board, with ranged weapons receiving the most impactful reduction.
  • Element/Status modifiers are as follows; 3% for Greatsword, 10% for Dual Blades, 5% for Hunting Horn, 10% for Gunlance, 10% for Charge Blade, with the rest being unaffected.
  • Augments now take far more grinding to get to balance out the increased quest reward rates, and also to reward players who are willing to go through heavy grind to draw out the potential of their build as much as possible.
  • Safi'Jiiva awakening no longer can put set bonuses on weapons, awakening now will put a random skill on the weapon ranging from Elemental Attack Boosts to something else, so it's now meant to make you roll as much as possible to get the ideal skill since there are many skills that will straight up just be useless for your build.
  • Xeno'Jiiva weapons have been reworked to compensate Flinch Free Lv2 and 3 being locked to Brute Wyvern sets only. All Xeno weapons no longer have their skill, but now have a HIDDEN Fire element that can be activated and used in-tandem with the innate Dragon Element that the weapon has. The Fire element's damage is half of the Dragon element. Xeno HBG has no element but instead has Special Ammo Boost, Xeno LBG only has hidden Dragon but has no Deviation. And Xeno Dual Blades have dual Dragon and Fire innately. Do keep in mind however that this does not affect the deviated versions of Xeno weapons, like Xeno-Lunastra and Xeno-Nergi.

MANY skills have been changed in this mod, not only using Artful's skill changes but also skill changes of my own. To be honest, I don't feel like listing every single skill change I've made lmao. BUT I will list all of the major ones.
  • Health Boost nerfed to the ground to compensate the player's minimum stamina and health getting changed to the vanilla game's maximum value.
  • Attack Boost no longer gives Critical Chance, damage values nerfed.
  • Elemental Attack skills no longer have modifiers, and instead only have flat values.
  • Status Attack skills no longer share the same modifiers for all statuses. Additionally, these skills no longer increase status damage by a flat value, only modifiers.
  • Defense Boost no longer gives elemental resistances, Defense values reworked.
  • Frostcraft is now far more viable on Ranged Weapons than they used to be.
  • Attack Boost Jewel 1, Expert Jewel 1, Diving Blessing Jewel 1, and Lv1 Elemental Attack Jewels are removed from the game, instead being changed to "Powerless Jewel" which are meant to just be sold for money or used for melding.
  • Clutch Claw Boost removed from the game, Jewel has been removed from drop rates and is now Powerless. Clutch Claw Boost Charm has been changed to "Runeweaver" a charm that grants Tool Specialist Lv3 and Witcher's Knowledge. The Runeweaver charm is obtained by farming Ancient Leshen.
  • Tool Specialist super-buffed, now granting 45% at Lv3 and 60% at Lvl5
  • Hasten Recovery now triggers on every 3rd landed move, and now has a 6 second timer between attacks. Additionally, slower weapons (besides Lance) have their health recovery values buffed from 20 to 30 respectively.
  • Soul of The Dragoon is no longer limited to the Drachen Armor.
  • Flinch Free Lv2 and Lv3 are locked behind Brute Wyvern sets.
  • Critical Eye now has a secret, locking Lv5, 6, and Lv7 are locked behind Fanged Wyvern sets.
  • Jump Master, Master Mounter, Leap of Faith, Safe Landing, Airborne, and Elemental Airborne are all locked behind Flying Wyvern sets, this is to balance out the fact that many weapons have jumping attacks now built into their grounded movesets.
  • Speed Eating buffed.
  • Slinger Capacity Up has been buffed and nerfed for certain ammos.
  • Wide-Range distance massively reduced across the board, so you have to actually go near players to make Wide-Range work unless it's a really high level.
  • All armor set bonuses now require five pieces of the armor worn to be used, for example, Nergigante Hunger can't be obtained without wearing the full Nergigante set.
  • Multiple mantles have been changed, Bandit Mantle has easier drops for ranged weapons, Ghillie Mantle has infinite duration until it's used, decorations can no longer be put on mantles, Temporal Mantle has infinite duration but is guaranteed to disappear after about 4 temporal dodges, Boosters require more strategy to be used properly, etc.
  • Divine Blessing has a MASSIVE rework:
Divine Blessing: 50% chance to reduce damage taken
Lv1: While active, reduces damage taken by 3%
Lv2: While active, reduces damage taken by 5%
Lv3: While active, reduces damage taken by 15%
Lv4(SECRET): While active, reduces damage taken by 15%
Lv5(SECRET): 25% chance to completely nullify damage taken.

Additionally, most of the vanilla skill secrets have been taken out of the game. Any skill secret that belonged to a non-elder dragon monster has been removed. So now you can reach Slugger lvl 5 without using Diablos armor, but Artillery secret is still in the game because Zorah Magdaros has it.

On top of skill changes, armor changes, weapon changes, etc, the actual stats of the players themselves have been changed as well. Before we get to that, I would like to say that I have buffed Blast damage from 130% to 150% in MR, Poison can now be built-up while the monster is already poisoned, and players lose no sharpness if their weapon bounces off the monster.
For starters, the player's minimum health and stamina has now been set to the maximum value in vanilla:
100 Minimum Health -> 150 Minimum Health
150 Maximum Health -> 200 Maximum Health
100 Minimum Stamina -> 150 Minimum Stamina
150 Maximum Stamina -> 200 Maximum Stamina

But! That's broken! I can just eat a meal and get 200 health without health boost!
Well akshually! :nerdemoji: the maximum amount of health gain from items has been MASSIVELY reduced. You can now only bring 1 Max Potion, Mega Potion limit has been reduced to 5, and you now need Armorcharm in Low Rank, AND Armortalon in High Rank to not just get one shot by everything anyway. This health buff is actually barely noticeable because it still will feel like you are taking just as much damage as you did in the vanilla game w/o defensive stats. The amount of stamina and health you get from the Canteen has also been massively reduced, to the point where it's actually impossible to get more than 18 HP from the Canteen. Health boosts from the Canteen share very little differences from each other, and it's the same with stamina as well. Most of the Canteen skills have received additional balancing, mostly strong buffs. The Canteen has been balanced this way so that Chef's Choice or whatever seasonal event plate isn't just the BEST option by default anymore. Now you are heavily encouraged to make your own meals or even just pick whichever has the best stats and skills rather than getting as much HP as possible.

Just putting Health and Stamina aside, overall damage dealt by hunters has been reduced in return for what can be considered is just broken levels of utility. This is because I want the game to be more focused on how well you know your weapon's complex mechanics(Thanks Velindian!) and the use of items, rather than outputting as much damage as possible. Me and my friends actually couldn't even beat Low Rank Odogaron without 80% of the hunt being using items and the environment as much as possible. Continuing off the mention of broken utility, armor sets give you multiple maxed out skills by default, on top of the set bonus as well. For example, you can use the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku armor for Wide-Range Lvl3 and give your Palico Coral Orchestra so that you can constantly be providing buffs for the team without having to constantly sheathe your weapon.
While DPS across the board has been reduced, defense across the board has been INCREASED in terms of buffs. For example, the Canteen's defense boosts are far more potent than before, Armortalon has increased defense values, Armorskin is more effective, etc etc.

Running speed has been reworked as well. When running from a monster, the stamina drain multiplier has been decreased BUT you run barely faster than you walk. It's fast enough to the point where it's far more viable to run, but it's not enough to fully get you out of the fight if the monster puts aggression on you. Running speed in general feels more realistic though, because your hunter will gradually become really fast over-time, allowing you to even catch up with monsters that are running away.(depending on the monster of course)
It now takes 4 seconds for you to reach top running speed, with your hunter picking up pace up until that point. I wanted to heavily emphasize the fact that hunters are peak-human rather than super-human. so they don't move super fast since they are wearing a bunch of armor and are carrying a weapon, but still move faster than any normal human could as long as they slowly reach that speed overtime.

Here is the COMPLETE general list of things that are changed just so you know what you are getting into:

Gear (Mantle Durations & Effectivity, Armor, Weapon Trees, Awakenings) - MAIN
Player Stats (Health, Stamina, Running Speed, etc) - MAIN
Skills (Set Bonuses, Armor Skills, Skill Effectivity) - MAIN
Palico (Armor and Weapons) - MAIN
Decorations (Drop Rates and Levels) - MAIN
Items (Finite Whetstones with a custom crafting recipe using Cake's Crafting Recipes as a base, max 5 Mega Potions, max 15 Potions, other carry limit changes, tradable monster gems if received from carving) - MAIN
Weapon Movesets and Stats (Experimental W.I.P Movesets Mod by Velindian, with replaced/edited col and param files, Rose Style - Switch Axe Redone) - MAIN
⤷ I did receive permission from Velindian and Tixlssence to upload this version in this mod. However, it will be grouped in with the rest of the main files and won't be it's own thing. This is because I did not want to just upload a version of their mods with nothing else on top of it, so that it doesn't seem like I attempted to make "a better version" or something like that.

Botanical Research options (Farmable small monster materials and small rank monster sacs) - OPTIONAL
Shop Lists and Steamwork Rewards - OPTIONAL
Ancient Leshen Quest at HR30 - OPTIONAL
MASSSIVE FOV (I highly recommend using this because the monsters are incredibly hard and the bigger FOV makes everything easier to see) - OPTIONAL
Miscellaneous (Increased extra reward drops, increased number of items from monster pick-ups, and increased materials from carving) - OPTIONAL