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AI Overhaul. Will affect hosted matchmaking - designated monster will behave differently for everyone if you are quest host.

Permissions and credits
Designated monster will behave differently for everyone if you are quest host

All files are made compatible with -mhg- or Raptor's Custom Quests pack.
They will override yet retain functionality of the CQ packs.


19/Dec/2023 All individual monsters have been updated with more polished AI, mount mechanic, CC, etc. Thus pushing all to Version 4 and repackaged as All-in-One. Included .bat script to remove leftover .dtt_epg files from previous versions.

23/Apr/2024 Rajang, Furious Rajang v24.4.23

Expect a few carts if you fight this version of the Tempered Furious Rajang (I like to call it Tempura). These have fewer openings, unusual moves, jump and bounce a lot like monkeys. Entering pumped up state once enraged, it will still be harder to knock over despite no change in part health. Latest version under "Update Files": Rajang no longer does invisible beams. Improved ult that can't be easily cheesed with slingers. Fixed some tracking issue & offer slightly bigger window during KO(stun).

28/Dec/2023 Lunastra v23.12.28 
In this reunion, Teostra also gets his shiz together, as this project is put on hold until breaking new technical grounds. Here are some testimonies from Clarex & friends: "She's splurging fire all over the place"  "My friend almost got 100-0'd without being able to see her"
"She took the nova in the divorce" 🗣️💦  Updated to address vanilla AI's proclivity to double tail swings and flying.

17/Dec/2023 Glavenus V2 
The main inspiration being the G-rank Glavenus from Generations Ultimate, it is more versatile in both ranged and close combat, with greater fluidity between fiery-throat mode and blade mode. Tail attacks are now utilized with better efficacy. Blade heat is better maintained but not 100% of the time to prevent nova spam. Discovery AI is also reworked, which includes the removal of generic roar to make way for the original Glavenus' unique roar. Side hops are now interlaced with sidestep breaths. No fatigue, no clagger, 1 wallbang, and quick enrage - other than these no stat adjustment was made, which means the tail can now be cut off. It can still be knocked down, but it will recover immediately.

13/Dec/2023 Yian Garuga, Scarred Yian Garuga 
To stay true to its erratic nature, changes were made to introduce greater unpredictability - certain action windup frames are removed and several "double take" attacks such as the tail somersault and double pecks are randomized. The hunters should be under more pressure to be more attentive and react. Multilevel shouts have also been shifted to different nodes in the think table. Both base and variant form will behave similarly. Although this monster is no longer the vanilla pushover, hunters will be given other openings instead of downs from stuns. No fatigue, no clagger. Make use of every opportunity to claw and wallbang, as it enrages very quickly.

5/Dec/2023 Raging Brachydios V2 
Anyone who’s followed these CQpacks probably know about the barricade that was Raging/Kulve AI’s area locks. In my edit the AI is also released from the original areas and furthermore rerouted to the winter region of the Guiding Lands. This also sets a different condition to Raging Brachydios’ mode transition. The enhanced AI will perform some new AoE and constantly recoat its fists. EDA removed clagger and edited mount knockdown around the counters. No part or flinch value changes.

3/Dec/2023 Stygian Zinogre V3 
True Wolf of 80,000 Hell. Dwells in the lower lava floors of Elder Recess.
Always fully powered by dragon energy. A more swiftly combatant compared to its regular counterpart, purely by superior choreography. ALNK compatible with mhg and raptor custom quest. V2 fixes the counterattack loop issue;

30/Nov/2023 Fulgur Anjanath 
Myriad of strictly combat changes, also means no shell projectile edits. Flinch threshold slightly increased (EPG) to balance around new counters. Enters thunder mode instantly when provoked. More tenacious with its thunder moves. Try to refrain from inflicting elemental paralysis on a literal electric T-Rex. The flame still burns within. Still weird to think it never had a cutscene.

22/Nov/2023 Anjanath 
"That monster is too dangerous! Don't try to engage it! That's not what we came for!"
As an introductory monster, vanilla Anjanath was very forgiving with most of its attack being small chomps. These weak links are rerouted here, making way for more cut throat attacks. The Anjanath should also enter flame mode quickly. Added some flame based counters and a more deadly grab. Facing it as a low rank hunter would make it seem especially imposing.

8/Nov/2023 Shreiking Legiana 
Flying monsters are a good case to show the difference between AI edits & some mhw editor stat tweak.
The cheap way to "enhancing" monsters is tweak the numbers skyhigh using MHWEditor. But that's no solution, for instance flying monsters will then be in the sky forever. That's not difficulty, just annoying. By changing client side values you're also just making yourself deadweight in a multiplayer hunt as the others still just receive the original health damage.
Approaching flying problems with AI edit however, you can assign behaviors upon reaching threshold, ie making them land.

3/Nov/2023 Ruiner Nergigante V2 
Kaname Fujioka called it "the Nergigante that destroys all things." Same hybrid from the Zorah AT Ruiner mod. This Ruiner utilizes its every mode to the very full potential (white, silver/vajra, black thorns). Unlike the weaker counterpart, it reacts to partbreak not by spending 90% time on the floor but with counterattacks or flinches. Like all other monsters in this mod, there's no change in damage numbers, speed, or shell projectiles. No exhaustion. No clagger. EPG, EDA 

27/Oct/2023 Acidic Glavenus

Acidic is unusual as its neither form is superior, but rather a balance of both. Achieving this was the biggest challenge with this edit. For example, I set "special_attack" to -100 mAddHeatValue which allows it to trigger func101(2). Other followed up actions will determine the state of func103 and after reaching 2, it will reset func101(0), acidic state. Certain actions cannot be performed under the wrong function, so this was a huge restriction when it comes to this AI edit. You kinda have to do it yourself to understand. But alas, this is an enhancement that's designed to work for online multiplayer - it's more difficult than vanilla, but not crazy difficult. There's no shell swap, just pure choreography changes. Fight an AT version from a CQ if you're daring - the new ALNK is compatible with both raptor/mhg and makes "Bloody Jaw" area of Rotten Vale its sole domain.

18/Oct/2023 Zinogre 
Super charged Zinogre. Various new counters and reworked combo. The top of Ancient Forest is its lone domain.
It would be a bad idea to paralyze a thunder wolf. Included ALNK compatible with both Raptor and mhg custom quest

17/Oct/2023 Behemoth 
Extreme behemoth is now in MR Event, it has multiplayer scaling and looking at flash blinds you for 5 sec.
Like all other files this include purely combat changes - monster damage and part values are unchanged.
Partbreaks and KO prompt new comet.

26/Sep/2023 Tobi-Kadachi 
Charges up to super shock mode quickly and uses super moves. No filler sideturns in between attacks.
Counters during big flinch and quick recovery from stuns - I hope you don't need Tobi to be any easier. Competent tree climber. why am I still doing this

14/Sep/2023 Nargacuga V2 
V2 reworked for greater variety in lottery pool and less "cut spammy" while keeping the combos tight. HP-gated nerfs removed like previous version.

9/Sep/2023 Odogaron, Ebony Odogaron 
Low threat or idle actions that are spread throughout the AI are shaved off or linked to new nodes. Aggro conditions overhauled.
They enter super mode whenever enraged starts. Powerups uncancelleable. Various counters added and new combos.
I forgot to add, these odogarons will never be held captive in Deviljho's mouth again. These beasts shouldn't be fodderized.

4/Sep/2023 Teostra 
The Emperor of Flame is no pushover. Put out its flame but he'll always rekindle. More aggressive, counters, smarter use of blast dust, added nova. This was the actual first release of this project but has since been updated with across the board changes. No health buff, no part value changes, no damage value changes. Updated in v4.231228 to address vanilla AI over-commitment to tail swings.

If you'd like to understand how the edits were made here's what the different filetypes are responsible for:
  • ACTP2 (ActionParam2): Modifies properties of actions. Usually responsible for the charged up state of a monster. Mostly client side AFAIK.
  • AGR (Enemy Angry): Rage multipliers
  • ALNK (Area Linker): Determine monster transition routes.
  • EDA (Enemy Damage Attribute): Status Values
  • EM_DMG: Determines the actions a monster takes when certain trigger conditions occur.
  • EPG (Enemy Parts Groups): Hitzone Values and Part HP
  • SOBJ (Set Object): Specify spawn points, location of tracks, monster pathing waypoints and a slew of other map positioning related details.
  • THK (Think Table): Main AI files. Specify a monster series of action and reactions within a specific context. THK correspond to a specific situation such as Combat, Searching, Flashed, Enrage Start, Player Find, etc. This situation are admittedly lopsided in terms of density and richness. Combat tends to be significantly more involved than most others. Similarly the Global THK is not directly executed by the game but used as a library by all other THKs and is normally the biggest of the THK files in a monster's folder by a significant margin.
  • THKLST (Think List): Mapping different THK files to different behavior.

If you wish to play custom quests but without the enhanced AI,
go to the specific monster subfolder (emXXX\YY\data) and simply remove my files.

Thanks to Leviathon dev team
Thanks to Vuze & Jodo for chunks
Thanks to Aradi for quest editor
Thanks to Dave for sobj 010 template
Thanks to Stracker's plugins
Thanks to Synthlight for MHW editor