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Makes whetstones finite like before World and adds them to shops/mining spots
Turns BBQ spit into a normal item, contributing to your item pouch limit and being buyable/sellable

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This mod changes the infinite use whetstone back into finite use whetstones like they used to be before World, while also adding them as a purchasable item to the item shops costing 200z each, and selling for 20z. You will also have a ~10% chance of mining whetstones from mining nodes in all locales except the Guiding Lands.

It also turns the BBQ Spit into a normal item rather than a special one that can always be accessed. You will have to bring it with you, taking up an item pouch space, in order to use it. You can buy the BBQ Spit for 2000z from the general store, or sell it for 200z.

This mod will most likely conflict with any shop or item related mods you have installed.

In the event you uninstall this mod while you have whetstones in your inventory or item box, nothing weird will happen. It will simply convert all of your owned whetstones back into the infinite use one. If you then decide to go back to using this mod, you will lose every whetstone you had previously bought though, so be wary you don't rob yourself blind this way.

Challenge Quests in the arena don't have whetstones added to them