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A gameplay overhaul mod that aims to give a challenging and fresh experience all the way from Low Rank, to High Rank, to Master Rank.

Permissions and credits
As the title suggests, this mod aims to provide a harder playthrough for your next World run!

I have taken inspiration from the ICE mod, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and previous Monster Hunter games; as well as going through many many hours of testing to make sure that the changes do feel challenging but fair.

This includes some of the following changes:
  • Monster Attack values have doubled. Health increased by 10%, flinch values increased, hitzone and status values reworked, rage mode is even more dangerous, mounting nerfed, and clagger removed (Except for Great Jagras)
  • Tenderizing as a whole is also removed. Clutch attacks instead have buffed up motion values and partbreak modifers.
  • Clutch Claw Attacks for all weapons now drop slinger ammo.
  • Elderseal has been buffed, but may be open to changes in the future. Its finicky.
  • Poison will continue to build even if the monster is already poisoned.
  • Weapon rebalancing.
  • Skill rebalancing. 
  • Mantles rebalanced.
  • Slinger Burst nerfed.
  • Stamina management is more required now.
  • Weapon tree changes including buffs, nerfs, added upgrade paths for DLC monsters, and skills.
  • Armor tree changes including a huge overhaul of shuffled skills, decreased requirement for set bonuses, and Alpha armor pieces having the same or even more value over Beta pieces now!
  • Tired of waiting for the end game to get your layered armor? Well now you can craft the full layered set as soon as you start hunting the monster in high rank! Its gonna cost you some hefty materials though.
  • Defender weapons and armor, as well as Guardian armor have been adjusted. Defender Weapons now function as comfy weapons to make, and are often the best at the rank when you get them, but do get beaten out as you progress in the game. Guardian armor is Low Rank and made to be defensive if you need it. Defender armor is purchased from the armory and provides a more offensive based armor set for the start of High Rank.
  • Custom Quests for hard to get decos starting at HR50.
  • Changes to Steamworks, the farm, and the melder.
For specific changes, I have a google doc I keep updated with changes HERE. (Big shoutouts to the ICE team for their wonderful hitzone spreadsheet)

As with all other gameplay related mods, things can get weird if you have other people join you or you join other people's quests and they don't have the mod installed. So please be mindful and don't do that unless your whole party is using my mod.

This is a very big project that I've been working on essentially solo, so if you notice anything I may have missed or something that appears off please let me know and I'll fix and update it as soon as I can!

IF YOU ARE A MODDER YOURSELF, I am looking to hire for some weapon moveset changes.
If you are interested, my DMs are open on Discord under the same name.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully trying out my mod! Please let me know what you think!