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Changes many aspects of Switch Axe (Visuals, Moveset, Sounds), with options to choose from.

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ROSE STYLE - Switch Axe Redone

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New in v2 - Quick Elemental Discharge (similar to MHGU Valor Style) and many more!

Many changes were made! Please re-read!

Changes Switch Axe in a way to make it so that it is less awkward to use and make it seem you are rewarded for doing various moves rather than being a strict requirement to achieve floor level performance.

Amped Sword mode was mostly changed to make it feel you're gaining damage activating it, rather than being punished from not having it.

The successor of Explosive Style Switch Axe, the changes were too drastic to be called an update. If you still want that version for some reason, you can find it HERE


Changes in Sword and Axe parameters. (hm\wp\wp08\wp08_param.w08p)

Axe changes:

-Required Swings to power up Wild Swings is now 1 (from 2)
-It is now possible to do Heavy Slam after 1 swing with good timing.
-Wild Swing Damage Multiplier after a power up is now 1.4x (from 1.3x)
-Power Axe Mode Duration reduced to 80 seconds (from 90)

Sword changes:

-Power Phial bonus has been reduced to 1.25x (from 1.3x) and Elemental Phial bonus has been reduced to 1.45x (from 1.5x)
-Exhaust Phial Stun Build Up is now 10 (from 8)
-Sword Gauge Regeneration while in Axe Mode is now 2% every 0.5 seconds (from 8 every 1 second)
-Sword Gauge Regeneration when Switching to Axe is now 15% (from 25%)
-Sword Amp Duration reduced to 80 seconds (from 90)
-Zero Sum Discharge Damage Multiplier when released early reduced to 0.6x (from 0.7x)

Reasons: Double Discharge (and Sword Mode in general) was too powerful and broke the game, this should balance it out along with the other changes.

Motion Value changes, etc.: (hm\wp\wp08\collision\wp08.col)

Axe changes:
-Axe Mode attacks generate 8% energy to 15% energy depending on how strong an attack is (doesn't need to hit)
-Most axe attacks now hit TWICE (also means 2x Sharpness consumption) with good spacing, distancing and timing, to compensate, MVs were reduced in a lot of the moves.
-Overhead Slash MV has been reduced to 35 (from 55)
-Forward Slash MV has been reduced to 16 (from 19)
-Rising Slash MV has been reduced to 27 (from 31)
-Side Slash / Sword: Morph Slash MV has been reduced to 20 (from 23)
-Axe: Jumping Slash MV has been reduced to 38 (from 43)
-Axe: Jumping Sweep MV remains the same at 74
-Wild swing (left and right) MV normalized to 20 (from 27)
-Morph Sweep (1st hit) MV reduced to 18 (from 20), 2nd hit to 55 (from 70), 3rd hit to 27 (from 35)
-Heavy Slam (1st hit) MV increased to 25 (from 15), 2nd hit to 65 (from 80)
-All Partbreaker damage from Power Axe Mode has been increased by an additional +0.1 damage multiplier

NOTES: Axe mode can now keep up with Sword Mode at the cost of being sharpness hungry.

Sword changes:

-Phial Bursts now gain 0.05x Partbreak modifier from Power Axe Mode
-[Amped] Overhead Slash / Morph Slash MV increased to 33 (from 30)
-[Amped] Left Rising Slash MV increased to 24
-[Amped] Double Swing (1st hit) MV increased to 31 (from 23) and (2nd hit) increased to 34
-[Amped] Heaven Ward Flurry (1st hit) MV increased to 33 and (2nd hit) increased to 46
-[Amped] Bridging Slash MV buffed to 36 (from 35)
-All Amped attacks have a 1.2x Elemental Multiplier and 1.1x Elemental Multiplier. Heavenward (2nd hit) has 2x for Elemental and Status while Bridging Slash has 1.3x for Elemental and Status
-Elemental Discharge and Zero Sum Discharge Explosion MV increased to 94 (from 85), Elemental and Status multiplier is now 2x
-Phial Bursts now have 2x Elemental Multiplier and 1.5x Status Multiplier
-Elemental Discharge Thrust now cost 15% energy to use
-Elemental Discharge Ticks now cost 7% (ticks 3 times for a total of 21%)
-Elemental Discharge Thrust MV is now 15 (from 10)
-Elemental Discharge Ticks MV is now 20 (from 8)
-Elemental Discharge Tick is now much shorter with new animations

Notes: Sword Mode (Amped) is overall much more powerful now but with the nerf to energy regeneration, Axe Mode will now be utilized more to regenerate energy without losing on a lot of damage.
Notes: Switch Axe should feel like a more cohesive weapon now that Sword Mode tends to rely more on Axe Mode.

Moveset Changes (hm\wp\wp08\wp08_action.fsm)

Axe changes:

-Neutral will now initiate Overhead Slash (Monster Hunter 4U says hello)

-Side Hop + will now initiate Forward Poke
-R + will now initiate reload
-Backwards Fade Morph when you run out of Sword gauge, a little repositioning QoL so you're not automatically done for if you run out of gauge.
-You can now forward Morph Slash out of Sword when moving forward, or after any evade by holding PS4(Up + R), (Up + CTRL).
-You only need 1 Wild swing to do Heavy Slam (can be achieved with Good Timing)

Sword changes:

-Dash - Adds Valor Style inspired Dashes into the game (Can be done after any attack)

Dash Attacks: After a Dash you can immediately perform a Left Rising Slash. Holding a direction and pausing for a short while will enable you to do an Overhead Slash at the selected direction. (Trail effects not included in this mod as they are not mine)

-Rolling - Fat rolling is dead, instantly be able to walk.

-Temporal Evasion / Absolute Evasion - Adds the ability for the switch axe to evade like in the old MHGenU games. PS4(R +  ), PC(CTRL + LMB). Changed to only be done on Neutral or after any evade. Absolute Evasion has the stamina cost as a roll, has stamina pause and a long recovery Animation.

-Slow Standing Discharge - has returned and with the original PS4 (  + ◯ ), PC (LMB + RMB) Button Prompt.

-Quick Elemental Discharge - A discharge worth using. Can still be cancelled to Aerial Discharge or Clutch Claw Shot.

-Rising Slash - Is achieved by (R+ ) for PS4 controls or (CTRL + RMB) for PC. Pressing PS4(  +  ), PC(LMB + RMB) while in the air after a Rising Slash will automatically be followed by a Weak Aerial Discharge Finisher. Rising Slash can be done after any Sword Mode Dash.

-Weak Aerial Discharge Finisher - Achieved by pressing PS4(  +  ), PC(LMB + RMB) while in the air after a Rising Slash. Can also be done by manually finishing any ground discharge. Pressing the Discharge button again will combo to Strong Aerial Discharge Finisher. All manual clutch Discharge finishers will also link to Strong Aerial Discharge Finisher.

Author's Notes (Please Read Important):

Author's Note 1: I wanted to put a mechanic within the Discharge that rewards properly timing the exact amount of number pushes before you "overload" by automatically doing a Strong Discharge Finisher or just outright deal less damage by letting go early.

Author's Note 2: I have no idea how Monster Hunter manages input buffer so you actually to press  / RMB or  / LMB before you press R / CTRL. I have no idea how to fix this yet but hopefully someone will be able to help me. The input buffer is the reason as to why I had to replace Slow Standing Discharge with Absolute Evasion as R / CTRL seems to take priority after any attack combo.

Author's Note 3: Check Optional Files for button prompt options for Sword Mode.

This is pretty much a work in progress mod, I still plan to work on this, provided I learn more about modding and I have the time.


Animation changes: (hm\wp\wp08\mot\w08_00\w08_00.lmt)

Sword changes:
-Long ZSD recovery from clutch or air has been replaced by Safe Landing Axe animations, get up quicker. Removed Damage Immunity.
-Absolute Evasion is now less spammable by giving it a longer recovery time, also has effects now.
-Dashes now replace Hops
-New Elemental Discharge Animation.
-Phial Effects on Elemental Discharge Thrust

Effects changes: (vfx\efx\wp\wp08) AND (wp\saxe\epv\hm_wp08.epv3)

-Reload Effects changed in favor of Dash Effects.
-Unamped sword strikes have a flame effect. Available for all Phials
-Amped Sword mode now gives Demon Riot effect. Available for all Phials



Sound changes: (sound\wwise\Windows)

-Made unamped and amped sword mode strikes have matching flame sounds.
-Elemental and Zero Sum Discharge now has an audio cue for when to release early.
-Explosion sounds have more oomph.



-This is not compatible with Fandirus's Scuffed FZ Running mod with every weapon as it edits the same file. I am not allowed to make patches for that mod.
-This is also not compatible with the Laser Effect Mod in the Frontier Switch Axe Mega Pack by Silvris, and by extension my Laser Effect Mod as it edits the same EFX files.
-Please refer to the files in the description and where they're located if you want to remove stuff that you dislike. I possibly cannot make a version to fit what you guys want.
-This won't crash anyone but use this at your discretion in multiplayer. 


IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SUPPORT ME, You can donate here!: or at , I cannot possibly accommodate all of your requests as modding takes time and I need to go job hunting right now to survive the pandemic. 

Credits to: The Monster Hunter Modding Discord

PonyWarrior - For helping me with understanding the basics of fsm editing
Fandirus - For helping me with the Temporal Evasion Effects
Stracker - Carrying the back of Monster Hunter modding
Crimson and NSACloud2 - For helping me with the efx
AsteriskAmpersand - For Nebula Asterism
Synthlight - For MHW Editor
Jaylan - For playtesting the mod and providing feedback