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Smart and less disturbing Cats. Help you more and do no harm.

Permissions and credits
This mod change AI only
(It don't make your hunting faster, but will be much smoother)
Explaination below

This mod contain 3 changes. Each one is optional, you can choose whatever combination you want.

            1.Palico will try harder knock you out of paralyzed/sleep/faint. Like previous MH series. 
               The game code has only 55% percent possibility that cat try to help you. Now it's 100% [1]

            2.Palico now won't use Flashfly trap automatically. Enjoy the benifit of Thunderbug trap and Boombug trap.[2]
               You can still manually order him to use it when need more control of monsters.

            3.Palico won't use Coral Sonicgong (the drum) automatically. He will play as your HH role gracefully.[3]
                 You can still manually order him to use it when need more control of monsters.
                 No changes in buffs RNG. It's only about the AI RNG

Important Note

[1] Palico still prioritizes other action in some cases.
For example:
Attack animation is not complete.
Drinking portion.
Being too far away. 
Hunter's negative status is about to end.
You're not in battle.

Try use signals if you're in very dire situation.
Otherwise if you do nothing just waiting, it's like 80% of time cat will knock you out. (still much higher than original)

[2] Even though the Flashfly trap RNG was removed,
the Thunderbug and Boombug RNG were not increased correspondingly. This is for balance purpose.
Cats still use Thunderbug and Boombug like how they used to.
You do get some benefit from not be disturbed by flash, but don't expect cat use more bomb and traps.

[3] Technically cats use Coral Cheerhorn and Cheerbongo more often.
Coral Drum, it's now replaced as Cheerhorn or Cheerbongo.

I think they behave roughly like a lv.10 Coral Horn.
It's not like Skill1+Skill2+Skill3=100% → Skill2+Skill3=100%

When you remove Coral Drum from RNG pool.
It still require cat "think" if he should do Coral Cheerhorn and Cheerbongo.
If the "conditions" do not match, cat won't use these 2 skill too.
This is the exact same logic like a lv.10 Coral Horn cat.

Great Credit to MHWorld modding community.
Speciall thanks to AI modding group: Asterisk, Fexty, Fandirus and many more.