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About this mod

Adds two items — Mega Catalyst and Mega Dash Juice — along with 76 new balanced recipes.
Throwing Knives become craftable and storable without changing carry capacity or making them stronger.
Items requiring monster drops or Melding, like Dash Juice and Mega Demondrug, gain Botany friendly recipes.

Permissions and credits
  version 15.22.00 compatible

♥ required mods ♥

by default, not compatible with mods that change:
  • item descriptions (descriptions like skills and mantles are okay)
  • itemData.itm — item flag data (parameter changes like effect durations are okay)
  • itemMake.imk — crafting list recipes (botany and shop changes are okay)

see bottom of page for compatibility patches made upon request.
json changes for use with MHW Editor — by Synthlight are also included under miscellaneous files.

♥ what's new ♥

♥ version 1.1 ♥
+ added a recipe to craft recover ammo 1 (x4) out of a mega potion.
+ added a recipe to craft a large barrel out of a small barrel + catalyst.
+ added a recipe to craft a boomerang out of a whetstone + kelbi horn to sever tails with blunt weapons.
+ added recipes to craft whetfish fin and sushifish scales out of piscine wyvern monster materials.
+ added recipes to craft wyverian prints out of very rare monster materials, such as fatalis evil eye + shara ishvalda tenderplate.
~ replaced the result of the ez max potion recipe with a regular max potion.
~ increased the quantity of elemental bowgun ammo crafted in mod recipes to better match raw damage ammo quantities.
 removed the recipe to craft potion (x2) out of a herb + catalyst.
removed the great hornfly breeding recipes.

♥ acknowledgments ♥

special thanks to Keanu for their overwhelming support and
help with designing and testing recipes. (:

additional thanks to Dave uRrr, JodoZT, and Synthlight for
the tools and templates that made this possible.

♥ about this mod ♥

this mod adds two items — mega catalyst and mega dash juice — along with 76 new crafting recipes.
* mega dash juice has the same effects as regular dash juice. it currently only exists to be crafted into ancient potions without requiring kelbi horns.
all recipes are designed with fair scaling, balance, and game integrity in mind for multiplayer.

throwing knives
 and coated throwing knives are no longer supply items.
craft them with slashberries and store them in your item box.
unlike existing knife mods, their carry capacity and power remains unchanged.

use botany to craft important consumables that normally require monster parts or melding, such as:
  • dash juice
  • ancient potion
  • mega demondrug
  • mega armorskin
  • banishing ball

other uses for new recipes:
  • convert golden eggs into meal vouchers and gourmet vouchers.
  • craft whetstone fins and sushifish scales from piscine wyvern drops.
  • use mega catalysts to upgrade fish scales to their great versions.
  • turn supply first-aid meds+ into max potions with mega catalysts.
  • craft extra coatings and ammo with both types of catalysts and regular gunpowder.
  • turn rations into well-done steaks, astera jerky, and pawswap treats.
  • craft more materials from monster parts, such as screamer sacs from diablos parts.

♥ what's included ♥

some item descriptions are updated with their new crafting purpose, better consistency, and more flavor.

the following 76 crafting recipes are added, starting at number 102:

* recipes that come last in the crafting list take priority when auto-crafting from the radial menu. rearrange the recipes to change their priority.

version 1.1

the rest are recipes for bow coatings and bowgun ammo:

version 1.1

♥ additional notes and tips ♥

bring mega catalysts to master rank quests to craft max potions out of supply box first-aid meds+.
make use of the supply box again and avoid bringing your own mega potions and max potions entirely.

bring rations and catalysts against monsters that hit hard or cause bleeding to create additional astera jerky.

bring antidote and nutrients against monsters that use poison and venom to create additional herbal medicines.

pawswap treats become field craftable alternatives to sushifish scales.
treats restore 35 health and scales restore 50 health. they both take 1 second to consume.

when using a sushifish scale to craft protectors: dried goldenfish and troupers: horned urchin,
its 50 health heal is split into 3 separate 35 health heals.

add crafting hotkeys for your throwing knives to your radial menu.
craft more knives before running out so you don't have to re-equip them.

♥ installation ♥

to install:
  • copy the nativePC folder to the game directory.
game restart needed to take effect.

to uninstall:
  • remove the following files:
┗ common
┣ item
┃  ┣ itemData.itm
┃  ┗ itemMake.imk
┗ text
┗ steam
┗ item_eng.gmd

game restart needed to take effect.
reinstall any other mods affected by installed compatibility patches.

♥ mod compatibility ♥

this mod is incompatible with mods that affect any of the following files:
┗ common
┣ item
┃  ┣ itemData.itm
┃  ┗ itemMake.imk
┗ text
┗ steam
┗ item_eng.gmd

upon request, this mod now supports the main file releases of the following mods by installing c-patches under miscellaneous files:

c-patches are grouped by conflicting mod files:
┣ Better Explosives (v1)
┣ Increased Trap Capacity (v1.0)
┗ MHRise Style Item Icon Mod (v1.1)

┗ Immersive Item Info (v2.9)

to install c-patches:
  • install any combination of the other mods.
  • install the main files from this mod.
  • install the relevant c-patch files from this mod. the correct c-patch to install depends on which files are conflicting from the other installed mods.