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Alan Yeoh and SankaraSamsara

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Brings the classic Mad Dog - Vulture to the Inner Sphere! A high-quality model and cockpit made by Alan Yeoh based on the original design by Steve Venters

Permissions and credits
Brings the classic Mad Dog - Vulture to the Inner Sphere as a highly detailed model. The model and cockpit are both modeled and textured by the talented Alan Yeoh. Link to Alan Yeoh's work here and if you want to give him a tip and encourage more of his amazing work, here's his Paypal to donate to: [email protected]. Thanks a million tons to Templar Vandalos for the guidance and tutorship with rigging and animating. Thanks to Silby, Ayakos, MagnumGB, and the whole CAB crew for helping with everything else, I couldn't have done it without their expertise, and thanks to cszolee79 for helping out with the YAML stuff! And of course a billion thanks to Alan Yeoh for making such an amazing 3D model.

Two versions are made available

  1. Lore version: This makes the Mad Dog appear in the year 3049. The factions that might have them are Rasalhague (Uncommon), Kurita (Rare), FedCom (Rare), Mercenaries (Rare).
  2. Gameplay version: This makes the mech appear from game start with all factions having it as uncommon

How to add the mech to your cold storage immediately
  • Download and start the MW5 Save Editor 
  • Open up your latest savegame in whatever career - it's located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\MW5Mercs\Saved\SaveGames
  • Have the Save Editor import your mod folder by clicking the Create Mod Cache
  • button and choose your Mods folder (MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries\MW5Mercs\Mods\)
  • Click the Mech Cold Storage fan
  • From the dropdown list scroll all the way down to "Mad Dog MDA"
  • Click the Add to Inventory
  • Click Save and save the savegame
  • Start the game and load the edited savegame and your cold storage should have the Mad Dog available.

The following features are not available:
  • No custom paint options
  • No damage models
  • No Merctech compatibility (but I'm working on it atm).

I will be working on implementing the Summoner early next year, so these features are downprioritized.

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