MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

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Replace some of the textures by higher resolution one from the source file of the game

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Change the cockpit panel textures and the painted metal bump to slightly higher resolution one (from 1k to 2K) using the source assets made by PGI
There is now a second pack with high res normal map for all the mech (from 2k to 4k)
I separated the mod in 2 files to accommodate lower end gpu that can't handle 4k texture. So use one or both pack depending on your computer. 

Now compatible with Heroes of the inner sphere.
New pack for the planets used in the skybox

The Cockpit and Metal bump will only increase memory usage by about 23mb so it's unlikely to cause VRAM issue.
The Mech Normal map pack is higher resolution than any of the base game textures and modify a lot of textures (one or two per mech) so it will require fast storage and VRAM to minimize stuttering.

Install Instructions:
1. Unzip the file and place the entire folder in the Mods directory (default is C:\Program Files\Epic Games\MW5Mercs\MW5Mercs\Mods)
2. Launch the game and click Mods in the main menu.
3. Check the mod to enable it and hit Apply.
4. Restart the game and enjoy!

To do:
Mech paint job (update: turn out 2000+ 4k textures is bit on the heavy side. I can't upload a 32,1 gb texture mod)

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