MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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New & improved MW2 Betty voice-over mod with damage feedback, mech variant callout, & new features. Support for DLC mechs & Classic Mech Collection

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NEW UPDATE: DLC5 support

This mod replaces the MW5 Betty voiced by Bailey Wolf with the classic MW2 Betty voiced by Carrol Ruggiers from 1995. It features a variety of new Betty audio clips that I have spliced and cut together to provide more audio feedback about damage components, mech parts, and enemy targeting.

If you want to support my work and motivate me to make more mechs and mods for Mechwarrior 5 (and 6?), please consider supporting my Patreon

Ejection mod by MagnumGB

The affected voices are targeting, cockpit sounds, target callouts, damage feedback on internal structure damage and part destruction, airstrike system, night & thermalvision, battlegrid sattelite, mission parameters, mech shutdown, heat management, jumpjet management, missile targeting, zoom, and a bunch of other things

This mod pairs well with other Betty-like mods, such as

The mod has been designed to be as compatible as possible with other mods and future updates, but I will ensure to update it continuously whenever there is new DLC (or Clan expansions/sequels ;-) ) It conflicts with vonhud, but that's only the Airstrike Activate sound and the Battlegrid sound.

Potential upcoming features
- Specific weapon & component destruction
- Maybe vehicle/aircraft/mech targeting distinction

Thanks to the support by SlayerofKings, Cmdr-A, Czsolee, and Yrrot. Thanks to KillerAoc2 for the original mod that served as motivation. And of course to Carrol Ruggiers for the classic voice from 1995.