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A large-scale overhaul for the faces of human and asari characters in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Features high quality textures based on Ellise's original trilogy complexions.

Permissions and credits

Above you can find screenshots showcasing this mod's textures - Though there aren't many at the moment I will try to continue to add more when I have the time.
Also please feel free to submit your own images using these textures for others to check out!

These screenshots were taken using the Mass Effect - Color Reshade Preset and is highly recommend for best visual quality.


This project has been a big labor of love of mine for a couple of years now. Back when I first fell in love with the Mass Effect games and their characters, I was so inspired by the amazing complexion mods that I discovered. Although I am still learning, this is essentially a really large compilation of everything I've picked up since I began texture modding!

My hope is that this mod might be able to bring a new sense of replayability and life when you play these fantastic games. However, the appearance of characters can be very subjective and these textures were made using my basic abilities and with my personal aesthetics in mind. That being said... I hope that if you give this mod a try and if you do, that adds to your experience playing these games again!

This project would have never been possible without the work of Ellise, who has made such amazing facial textures for the Mass Effect games. The characters' complexions in this mod use many of her textures as base for my own edits, so a lot of the credit for their detail and quality belongs to her!

If you happen to be unfamiliar with Ellise's work, then please check out her and her mods for amazing retextures of many of your favorite characters!

The goal of this mod is to provide high quality, consistent textures for characters across the entire trilogy. A lot of close attention was paid to improving general aesthetics, while attempting to maintain or enhance the realism, diversity, individuality of the characters. 

Thankfully, there are many mods for MELE that aim to restore the visual consistency of characters across the different games. This mod relies on many of those to try and maximize this realism through subtle game-specific texture changes. As you progress through the trilogy, characters within this mod will slightly change in appearance to visually indicate things like the passage of time and game-related events.

- Liara has one of the most noticeable changes throughout the games. This was to try bridge the gap between her visual evolution in vanilla while still remaining realistically consistent. Specifically, in LE1 she starts out having a very bright and youthful appearance, in LE2 (the biggest time jump) her makeup and facial features darken, ending with her having a more mature appearance in LE3.

- Shepard, Ashley, and Kaidan start in LE1 with slight scars to reflect their military service and as the games progress, they subtly gain more grittiness, stress-lines, and scars to reflect the intense events of the games. Anderson is similar but starts with more scars/hardening to  reflect his history and background.

- Other squadmates do receive similar changes but more subtly because they either only appear in LE2 and 3 or do not fight on the battlefield, such as Joker.


This mod aims to retexture nearly all aspects relating to facial appearance so it includes hundreds of textures across the trilogy.
These specific textures include:

 - Unique complexions for characters like default Shepard, squadmates, and other NPCS that have individual appearances
- Generic complexions that cover custom Shepards and non-unique npcs throughout the series
- Eyes and eyelashes including both generic and unique ones for individual characters
- Eyebrows, Facial hair, makeup, and freckles for every human character
- Other textures like tattoos, specularity multipliers, and eye cubemaps

Almost all of these textures are remade with higher resolution than vanilla to enhance detail.


This mod consists only of textures, so most gameplay-related mods will work together with this one seamlessly.
Specific mods that modify base complexions or add new ones may not work automatically, however, I made this mod with those in mind so that most, if not all of those are already requirements of this mod.

Here's a list of mods related to mine that are either required or recommended to be used together:

LE1 Community Patch - Required
Unofficial LE2 Patch - Required
LE3 Community Patch - Required

  Liara Consistency Mod (LE1) & Liara Consistency Mod (LE2) [LE3 Face version only] - Required
Sheploo Appearance Consistency Project for LE2 - Required
Anderson & Hacket Consistency Mod for LE2 - Required
Diana Allers Overhaul for LE3 - Required

Kasumi Eye Tweaks for LE2 & LE3 - Highly Recommended

Kaidan Alenko Overhaul for LE1, 2 & 3 - Recommended
Benezia Overhaul for LE1 - Recommended 
Aria Consistency Mod for LE2 - Recommended
Ashley Consistency Project for LE3 - Recommended
Oriana looks like Miranda's Twin for LE2 & 3 - Recommended
Kelly and Kenson Restoration for LE2 - Recommended


Since this mod contains only textures, installation should be very straight-foreword and identical to any other texture mods you use. It is still very large compared to most, with around 400 new textures across the trilogy so it will probably take longer to install than usual.

Just like any other texture mod, this mod is installed using the Mass Effect Modder (MEM) tool.

For those unfamiliar with how texture installation works - You can get a standalone version of MEM from GitHub here or use one built into your ME3Tweaks Mod Manager located under Tools, Additional Tools, Mass Effect Modder (for legendary edition).
Here is a guide borrowed from the ALOT page that gives instructions on how to install its mod, which applies to any texture mod.


Here is a rundown of the steps that you should follow when modding ME, if you are unfamiliar:


Since this mod is comprised of textures, everything is technically modular. This means if you do not like a part of this mod, you can install any part of this mod individually or install other mods that retexture the same thing afterwards.

Feel free to experiment and try out different textures on top of this one!

If you are unfamiliar with how to use the MEM... There are multiple ways to install my textures in game, without using the predetermined texture packages (.mem) I have made. This is useful if you only want to install a few textures or everything except a few textures. I have made a seperate installation version of this mod to help users do this - but even then, some may want even more specificity in what textures they want installed. I will explain these methods the best I can for those people.


While this mod can be considered basically finished as it is - I would like to include new GUI textures of each character at some point! Basically what this would look like... is that I would individually edit each GUI image of a character, like their squadmate selection picture, to seamlessly piece in screenshots of their new appearance! It's a rather small change for what would be a lot of work... But I really want to make the experience using this mod as consistent and immersive as possible!
There is of course always going to be pre-rendered cutscenes that I cannot edit to reflect the changes of this mod... But cases where they feature characters' faces are thankfully few and far between.

I really, really tried my best to fix any seams that occur between the new facial textures and vanilla scalp textures. That being said, I have noticed some seaming around certain characters' faces. Between Mass Effect's infuriating systems for texture formatting that change for each game, mods that swap out entire head models and textures, and Reshade presets that clarify and sharpen - I honestly don't know if there is any way to actually fix this on my end. I have tried... And failed. This might be something I revise in the future, but not for right now.

* There are additional issues I have be made aware of since releasing, please check out the post tab for more details *

If you do come across issues in your game, which tends to happen with Mass Effect mods, please feel free to post about your issues and hopefully I or someone else can help you out! But before you do so, please double check you have carefully read the mod's requirements.

Firstly, I have to thank my brother Axios for his continuous feedback and support. Without him to keep pushing me, I never would have been able to release something I'm this proud of! Thanks for your help bro <3

A massive thank you to Ellise of course! I've already sung her praises, but she really is the foundation of this whole project and much of the credit for the complexions goes to her. Thank you so much for your creative example and generous spirit.

Thank you so much to Kharr for his huge help when I had texture trouble and for creating such amazing, quality mods! I'm so grateful to you and your presence in the ME modding community!

Thank you also to Jenya for her amazing advice and helpful words!

Also thank you to Audemus, Catachrism, Beccatoria, and anyone else who has helped or given me advice in a modding server!

And lastly... Thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported my modding efforts! I know I have been teasing this mod forever and to anyone who has had to keep waiting to use these textures - I'm sorry lol and also thank you for your patience!
It's finally here! Finally!